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Recent RuneScape Patch Brings Improvements to Player Owned Farms

Plus more fixes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The recent RuneScape patch provides updates to player owned farms, along with a few fixes.

The patch includes some quality of life improvements, such as the ability to mark your favorite animal with a right click or long press. New buttons were added as well to the animal information UI. Some other improvements to player owned farms include:

  • Quick-selling animals to buyers will now trigger an info-box stating the total amount of Beans gained
  • Dinosaur eggs dropped by feral, ripper, brutish and venomous dinosaurs now trigger lootbeams
  • Tooltips for animals' health and happiness meters now appear when they are tapped on mobile devices

The patch also includes improvements and fixes to text, archaeology, along with more general fixes such as:

  • Fixed an issue on mobile which caused the information on the Death Tutorial to not appear when tapping the information icon.
  • The Always Adze Relic and the Inferno Adze will no longer burn logs in the Temple Trekking minigame.
  • Logging into a free-to-play world no longer swaps Action Bars designated to members with the primary Action Bars.


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