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Our pre-beta Q&A comes to light

Editor's Note: We wrote this Q&A before people were allowed into Settlers of Ganareth. Unfortunately, due to the busy beta schedule and the holiday season, we could not get it online before today. As such, if you note the lack of directly SoG-related questions, this is why. We are in the midst of another Q&A that will tackle these issues.

MMORPG.com: On December 8th, you opened 10,000 keys for Settlers of Ganareth. It is said that these keys went in less than one 1 minute. How do you respond to this?
The Dark & Light Team:

It is true. As we were controlling the ranking and the slots being reserved, we couldn’t believe the accesses went so fast. We decided to use a simplified website during the subscription period as we knew that our website would be subject to overload but we didn’t forecast the slots were booked so fast.

MMORPG.com: Were you surprised by the overwhelming support that players seemed to show for Dark and Light?
The Dark & Light Team:

At the end, yes. Even if we knew that we have a very faithful community, we didn’t imagine that the active community was that numerous.

MMORPG.com: There are those in our forums who feel that NP3 is attempting to “scam” people out of their money by charging players for the Pioneer offer, which, in effect, is asking them to support a game which has not yet been completed. How do you respond to this?
The Dark & Light Team:

This would be true if we only offer a key for Dark and Light. But we proposed as very complete and value added package no other player will never be able to get. Other offers will come to prepare the release of Dark and Light but none will be as rich as the Pioneer Offer.

MMORPG.com: With the overwhelming interest that players have shown in SoG, will you be allowing more than the 10,000 players (as well as the 8,881 Pioneer buyers) into the game?
The Dark & Light Team:

Other players, as we announced will be able to enter SoG. We will announce soon how many and when.

MMORPG.com: Some players have expressed frustration that the servers were not made active on December 8th. Some have even gone so far as to say that they were led to believe that this was supposed to be the case. How do you respond to this?
The Dark & Light Team:

Misunderstanding in our communication: client download was due to Dec 8th, servers opening was due to Dec 12th. We decided to open servers a little bit later after the client delivery so that anybody can have time enough to download and allow almost everybody to enter SoG at the same time.

MMORPG.com: Less than 1 day after Settlers of Ganareth registration opened and closed, someone sold a key for $100 on Ebay. First, what is your stance on this kind of practice, and second, how do you respond to someone linking that kind of value to a free SoG key?
The Dark & Light Team:

Sale on third-party websites of objects, accounts and all other data regarding Dark and Light and Settlers of Ganareth is not authorized by Farlan Entertainment.

People who use these services take the risk of their accounts being banned without any financial compensation. We will not tolerate advertising of these methods on our official communication systems for the game (forums, irc, ingame chat)...

MMORPG.com: A recent poll at MMORPG.com indicated that 83% of our readers feel that developers listen to their fans in less than 50% of cases. How does Dark and Light rank in terms of the community having a say in the direction of the game?
The Dark & Light Team:

I would take the risk to say that in more than 70% of cases, we listen to our community and our gamers remarks. As you may know, we are a small team and our developers don’t have time enough to answer directly or one to one with the community. But they are fighting everyday to reach as much as possible fans requests. Most of the time, technical issues prevent the developers from giving their fans all they require.

MMORPG.com: Why should I be excited to play Settlers of Ganareth or Dark and Light?
The Dark & Light Team:

Because you will be able to play the first MMORPG that will offer you that freedom, the choice of doing anything you want and not only passing quests and fighting. This has always been the goal of DnL and SoG, as well: evolving with the player and giving the player the opportunity to play the game he wants. The world of Ganareth is an evolving world to build and not a finished world where the player has to walk few meters to fight with a Dark or Light and kill some mobs.

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