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The team at Farlan answers four more questions as Settlers of Ganareth begins

The final phase of beta for Dark and Light is being billed as a prequel to the game itself. Titled "Settlers of Ganareth", this beta lets pre-order subscribers play the game for six months in advance of its launch. It is a novel concept and in our seventh Q&A we talked to Farlan a bit about it and other gameplay related issues.

MMORPG.com: Recently your prequel “Settlers of Ganareth” was released. How has the beta gone from your perspective? Can you talk about some of the troubles you’ve faced and some of the pleasant surprises you’ve had?

We’ve been warmly surprised by the success the Pioneer Offer encountered. We knew that we had an active community, but given the delays and the lack of communication we are suffering, we couldn’t imagine that the packs would get sold that quickly.

We had to face troubles with confirmation emails (payment, Pioneer member confirmation) that where sent with delays, due to crowd control problems during the rush for Pioneer positions.

We’ve been really happy to see that the new Pioneers where proud with their number account: most of them now post on our forums with their Pioneer Numbered account!

We want to thank them again for their confidence in the huge Dark and Light project.

MMORPG.com: Why did you take the unusual step of a sick-month pre-launch beta? What do you think it adds?

Despite what some people can say, we really wanted at least to respect our promises to our community. We’ve been postponing the release several times, we didn’t communicate regularly, we understand very well that even the most faithful could doubt of Dark and Light being a vapor ware or a fake. As we are small team, we are doing small marketing, dedicated first to our community. We decided to create a specific offer and we prepared it with the feedbacks of the Dark and Light community. What it adds: proof to our community that we are working to try to reach their demands all the time.

MMORPG.com: Some gamers complain that the game has been in production so long that the graphics almost seem outdated. How do you feel about the graphical quality of the title and are there any moves being made to update it?

Many graphics have been enhanced in the last versions of the beta: armors, forts for instance. Atmosphere effects (shaders, fog) have been upgraded lately.

However, the main features of DnL, what differentiate the game from any other MMORPG, is the unique world and the strong immersion brought by this total freedom. Graphics are at the level of the market.

MMORPG.com: You mentioned in a past Q&A that monsters can “set traps and disarm yours”. Can you tell us more about how traps work?

Two skills have been developed for traps: one skill that allow your capacity to hide a trap and one skill that allow the player to detect a trap.

If the detection skill isn’t strong enough to identify the enemy’s trap, the trap is invisible for the player at the lower skill, the player will be caught in the trap area.

In the opposite case, (your detection skill is strong enough for the trap), the player can disable the trap... under the risk of an explosion!

Monsters have the camouflage skill and trap detection skill.

Many thanks to Jason, their heroic PR guru, for getting these back to us and the folks at Farlan for taking the time to answer.

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