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Q&A #5

David Souza Posted:
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The Dark and Light team answers David Souza's questions

For the fifth time we offer a brand new Q&A with the team behind our readership's most highly hyped MMORPG Dark and Light. Staff Writer David Souza got the chance to quiz the team this week. Check back in two weeks for more questions and answers.

MMORPG.com: The end game is what pulls many players to MMOs. What kind of plans do you have for DnL as far as end game content? Will there be “raids” ala many other popular games?
Dark & Light Team:

For the most faithfull, the realm will be opened…This realm is the Gods realm, this is where, according to Ganareth mythology, Gods can appear…Battles will only be epic combats and the power of your God will guide your hand…or you will die…

MMORPG.com: Will there be an in-depth ranking system for PvP in DnL? If so, can you offer some details on the system?
Dark & Light Team:

As you enter the game, if you are not part of a battle, to conquer or defend a fortress, you can choose to sign up a waiting list for being called as soon as a group need reinforcements.

A « wanted » system has also been developed for PvP.

Indeed, when you are not inside an official battle in DnL, for fortress attack for instance, any PvP action on another player will allow you to rise in the “Most Wanted People” list. You may instead become an interesting target for any other player.

MMORPG.com: With all the competition for subscribers taking place in the industry what do you feel will keep people coming back to pay for DnL month after month?
Dark & Light Team:

The infinity of game opportunities, the territories conquest that is such a long challenge, the economy that gives a strong game lifespan as soon as you own your fortress. DnL is not PvP based only, the key is the two evolution axis which means that you don’t have only to fight to win a battle but start life and administrate your fortress as well, become a politician and make strategic decision…anytime during DnL life. The parallel management of Social experience and Fighting experience is the key of DnL lifespan.

MMORPG.com: How sophisticated is your monster A.I.? Is there anything that you feel is special about it when compared with that of other MMOs?
Dark & Light Team:

The artificial intelligence that makes all types of fighting easier:

  • A mob guidance system: binding monsters that belong to the same faction.
  • Monsters may choose the most appropriate target.
  • They can use spells depending on the situation.
  • They can set traps and disarm yours… among others!

MMORPG.com: In this genre, guilds (or fellowships, teams, etc) are often the social core for the game. How detailed will the guild system for DnL be?
Dark & Light Team:

Indeed, guilds management has been one of our priorities in this game.

We’ve been talking for a long time now with many guilds to offer in DnL as many options as preferred by the guilds.

To our mind, the most interesting option is the opportunity for a guild to define its owns titles inside the guild. Guils we be able to assign to each title various functions, such as management of purchases or recruitment management for instance. The system is very flexible and is also used for fortresses management and economy management.

Many thanks for the continued participation in this series.

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David Souza