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Project R's Impact on the Community

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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If you have not been playing World of Warships recently this is a great weekend to join the game. Project R continues to run these past few weeks and brings players a chance to collect some great items in the game. Last week we hosted an interview with Chris Stott to get an idea on how the event was designed. With only a short time left to go on the event, it is now time to see how Project R has shaped the community.

Players will be happy to know that over three million pearls have been collected in a very short amount of time. The good news is that there are a lot of pearls in the sea, and you still have time to get them. Before we go any further, how do you get pearls? Well, there are missions on both a personal and event level to complete. These will unlock pearls for you. Think of them as a currency for rewards. Jumping in to complete the missions takes into the battles and gives you a chance to earn great rewards outside of the normal PvP combat.

These pearls can be used to unlock chests, it is Warships afterall. These chests give you lots of varying rewards. Some of the best ones are different ways to customize your ships. They also will unlock real goodies for any gamer, like headsets or other items. These rewards are much more rare, but you can win them.  If you save up your pearls and complete a lot of missions you could then spend them on premium ships to take into battle.

If you are already playing the game, then you should go over and make sure you are signed up for Project R already. You can see the tallies and totals all across the website here. If you are new to World of Warships then now is a great time to get started and still take part in the event.

Warships has added a whole new element with Project R. It takes the game further out of just winning matches in the online arena format. As much as players like to win bragging rights on leader boards or use their winnings to buy ships. An event like this gives them some alternative achievements while still enjoying the game. So if you play a lot and have a tough day losing a few matches, you still may have unlocked a personal goal and won a reward. All of this adds up to the communal rewards of getting the Kamakazie pilots into the game.

Like any online game, community events can be hugely popular and win over new players but also bring back people who may not have logged in for a while. What Warships is setting up takes the community event outside the box and really helps find an alternate reward system for players. People may be down that once Project R ends the pearls will not have value, but they are missing the point of the event. Once this event comes close to its ending, you can go shopping and cash in all of your pearls. This way, you get a boost of rewards just before the event is over. The best part is, another event may happen in the future to give you different benefits.

Wargaming.net has always been an indepedent company willing to change and shift with their players. They are not afraid to try a good idea and see how well it works with fans. It helps boost the game overall and brings in new fans to do battle as well as rewards loyal customers. Here’s hoping other developers learn from a community event like Project R. It adds that little extra to an already fun free to play game. We also hope to see World of Warships launch more events like this throughout the year. Keeping things fresh is always a good thing.


Garrett Fuller

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