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Project R - A New Way to Engage Players

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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Project R launches in Wargaming's World of Warships later today and we had the opportunity to chat with Associate Producer Chris Stott to find out more about this unique in-game event.

MMORPG:  How did the concept for this come about? Who had the vision? 

Chris Stott: The idea originated from the Asia team who wanted a new way to engage our players with some fun missions. The core concept was to give people something more to drive towards besides that top tier ship and earn a ton of prizes along the way.

MMORPG:  Do clans work together to get the Pearls that unlock the Kamikaze pilots?

CS: We do not have clans at this time in WoWS. Players can work together in a “Division” and this can be very helpful to earn those rewards faster.

MMORPG:  Can the pearls be used to unlock other rewards? 

CS: YES! You earn rewards based upon the total # of pearls you earned. Each Personal Pearl Milestone has different rewards depending on how many you earn throughout the event. Additionally you can use the pearls you earn to open treasure chests. These can contain anything from a Razer headset to Camouflage to Premium Time. Earning 150 pearls puts you in the running for a special Premium Ships, Kamikaze R.

MMORPG:  How can individual players get involved in the event? 

CS: Head over to worldofwarships.com/en/project_r  and click the join button to activate your account to start earning pearls right away. You need to sign up to activate your account for the event and then start playing. That is it!

MMORPG:  What can players use the pearls for after the event is over? 

CS: Pearls are not used for anything after the event so spend them now! Spending those also doesn’t hurt your overall earned progress towards the Personal Milestone rewards that bring you closer to the threshold to earn the Kamikaze. Choose a weekly box and mouse over to see the type of reward you will receive.

MMORPG:  This is a great idea. Does wargaming.net have something like this planned for their other games? 

CS: Right now this is something exclusive to WoWS .

MMORPG:  How soon can players get involved in Project R? 

CS: The whole thing kicks off on Jan 18th.


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