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William Murphy Posted:
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MMORPG: We missed our time with the first press beta event for Raiderz, so we were caught completely off guard by how polished and fun Raiderz is looking at PAX East.  Where’s the game in terms of development right now? When can players expect to get into the beta and try out the monster hunting for themselves?

Mark Hill: Thank you for the kind comments. The Perfect World team was blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response from the crowds at PAX East. We’re currently hard at work preparing new content for the next RaiderZ beta phase and aim to have it ready by Q3 this year.

MMORPG: We saw a lot of the combat, but can you tell us a bit about the other more MMORPG-esque features the game has? Mark Hill: Besides RaiderZ’s action-focused combat system, another unique aspect is its unique boss battles. MMO veterans can expect these epic monsters to get much more up close and personal. They will pick you up, throw you, smash you, or even eat you. At higher levels, players will need to work together closely in coordinated parties to conquer the most challenging encounters. We’ll be talking more about how players can discover new bosses and monsters and see what it's like to use their own limbs to defeat them at E3!

MMORPG: It’s all in a completely open world too? How will that effect players’ hunting for the big boss monsters? Will there be fighting over them, or can anyone just join in and get rewarded along with everyone else? 

Mark Hill: RaiderZ is set in a huge open world that we’re really proud of, but within that open world, players will also find a variety of instanced dungeons with hordes of epic monsters lurking in the open world. these are meant to be very challenging encounters that should be approached by groups of players. They’re not the kind of mobs that individual players will be fighting over for rewards and credit. That being said, we are aiming to have lots of open world and instanced encounters suited for both parties of players and solo players.

MMORPG: Will there also be traditional dungeons in the game, instanced areas for groups to go into? Mark Hill: Yes, players can expect lots of instanced dungeons to explore and clear as a group. However, as players progress through RaiderZ’s many quest lines, they’ll have opportunities to form parties with NPCs for a taste of the thrill of hunting monsters with others.

MMORPG: What about the economy and crafting features? Can you give us any details on them? With the way monsters drop parts of their bodies, it seems like the perfect way to have someone make weapons out of crab claws. Mark Hill: One of the ways RaiderZ differs from most MMORPGs, is that weapons and armor do not drop from monsters. Instead, players will utilize what we’re calling the Conquest Crafting System. After collecting materials and pieces from the monsters they kill, players can craft weapons and armor with the help of Artisan NPCs to fit their play style – and remember: different weapons come with their own set of skills, allowing for lots of fun combinations to experiment with!

MMORPG: Can you give us a little background on the different classes in the game? Will players need to adhere to traditional healing, tanking, and DPS roles?

Mark Hill: We wanted to break away from the traditional tanking, DPS, and healing roles to offer players more freedom with their character builds. RaiderZ’s freeform, classless system lets players break free from those sometimes constrictive traditional roles. For example, depending on the skills and weapons a player chooses, he might build a cleric-type healer character who can also stand his ground and fight, instead of having to constantly run away to keep healing. Plus, when it comes to weapons, there’s a lot to choose from in RaiderZ. You can even use pieces of enemies as weapons. For example, break a horn off a monster,  and you can use it for a special attack.

MMORPG: Can we talk a little bit about PVP? I know there’s a dueling system in place, but are there plans for a more in-depth system?

Mark Hill: Absolutely! We’re still working on that system right now, but you can definitely expect more details on PvP in the near future.

MMORPG: What would you say is the “Endgame” of Raiderz? Once players reach max level, what will they be doing with their characters besides fighting bosses?

Mark Hill: While our goal is to offer players who enjoy solo-play lots of content to dive into, the best rewards and gear will be reserved for those who fight together to take down RaiderZ’s deadliest monsters. It is from these most challenging encounters that players can discover hidden recipes, secret items, and the materials needed to forge the most powerful weapons and armors in the game.

MMORPG: Thanks so much for your time!  We can’t wait to see the game again at E3. Keep the community posted on the development!  We’re all hungry for more.

Mark Hill: Thank you very much! I encourage anyone who is interested in RaiderZ to look out for more coverage at MMORPG .com and by visiting our official site.


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