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Patron Powers: Scirocco

Jon Wood Posted:
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We take a peek at what Scirocco provides his followers

Building on our Q&A series, we come at you today with part three: Scirocco. Scirocco provides his villainous followers with a wealth of powers, much as Ghost Widow (story), Captain Mako and Black Scorpion do as well. We also recent ran a general introduction to the Patron Powers coming in issue seven.

MMORPG.com: What is Scirocco’s back story? How did he come to be in service of Arachnos?
Matt Miller:

Imad Malak was traveling in the deep desert near the Baka Valley deep in the Middle East, fleeing mercenary death squads when he discovered an ancient tomb and stumbled inside. The tomb was that of a long-dead desert hero, and within Malak found the hero's scimitar, an ancient weapon that granted the wielder incredible powers. Malak took the sword and donned the mantle of Scirocco, the Desert Wind. He intended to use the power to free his people, but unfortunately, in taking the items he fell under a curse. Everything he did was now tainted, and only brought greater evil to the world. Once a hero of the people, he became a dark stain on their proud heritage, and was cast out. Scirocco continued fighting, earning a grim reputation both for his phenomenal powers, and for retaining some vestige of Imad's old principles. He soon came to the attention of Arachnos, and accepted the invitation to join Lord Recluse's inner circle.

MMORPG.com: Scirocco deals with The Way of Mu. What is that?
Matt Miller:

The Mu are the ancient enemies of the Circle of Thorns. The Circle nearly wiped them out 14,000 years ago, but their bloodline exists to this day. The modern Mu are the descendants of those original Mu, empowered by Scirocco and Lord Recluse with new magics and abilities.

MMORPG.com: Can you talk about the artistic direction behind the look of the powers granted by Scirocco?
Matt Miller:

We wanted powers that were signature “Mu.” Like the Circle of Thorns, the Mu have magical powers, so the red electrical attacks are meant to embody magic and also feel distinctly villainous. Choosing Scirocco as your Patron grants players that same flavor of attacks.

MMORPG.com: What does Scirocco have to offer each character class?
Matt Miller:

Scirocco offers a lot of electrical attacks and powers. Specifically, he offers Stalkers a Sniper attack in Zapp, and Brutes get ranged Area Effect attacks like Ball Lightning. Corruptors get Charged Armor for protection, and Dominators are granted access to Area attacks like Power Sink. Masterminds get control attacks like Electrifying Fences and Electric Shackles, but are not granted access to a Mu Guardian pet like the other Archetypes do.

MMORPG.com: Why should players choose Scirocco as their patron?
Matt Miller:

If your character’s background is magic based, or you just like flinging around electricity, then Scirocco would be the Patron for you.

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Jon Wood