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Patron Powers: Black Scorpion

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Black Scorpion gets the final Q&A dedicated to him

Lead Designer Matt Miller continues our pre-E3 issue seven Q&A series with the fifth installment. Today we learn what awaits those who choose to follow Black Scorpion.

MMORPG.com: From a story perspective, what role does Black Scorpion play?
Matt Miller:

Ernesto Rodriguez embodies the concept of raw power through technology. Whatever it takes, whatever piece of his body or soul needs to be spliced, altered, or removed to grant him more power, Ernesto seems willing to do it. His unbridled hunger, absolute loyalty, and low intelligence makes him the perfect servant for Lord Recluse.

MMORPG.com: In general, what theme holds Black Scorpion’s powers together as a group?
Matt Miller:

Technology is the theme. Most of the powers of his Patron Pool are granted through the use of technology, specifically an Arachnos Mace. Black Scorpion is the inventor of much of Arachnos’ technology, so it is only natural that players who choose him as their patron be granted one of Arachnos’ signature weapons.

MMORPG.com: What does Black Scorpion have to offer each character class?
Matt Miller:

Each archetype gets access to a different type of Arachnos Power Mace. The Brutes get one that can employ a web envelope, and the Stalkers get one that has some nice ranged attacks. Corruptors get some good control abilities with the Web Cocoon, and Dominators get armor in the form of the Scorpion Shield. Masterminds have a Mace Beam Volley which can take down a large group of foes quickly. Every Archetype, save Masterminds, get the ability to summon an Arachnos robotic spider as a temporary ally.

MMORPG.com: Black Scorpion grants powers of what artistic type?
Matt Miller:

His powers are mostly tied to the mace itself, so the majority of the effects emanate from the Arachnos mace.

MMORPG.com: Why should players choose Black Scorpion as their patron?
Matt Miller:

Any technology-based character would feel at home with these powers, as would anyone who wants to have the strongest ties, look and feel wise, to the Arachnos soldiers found in City of Villains.

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