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Path of Exile Interview - Delving Into Delve

Suzie Ford Posted:
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With the recent launch of the latest Path of Exile expansion, Delve, players are hard at work seeing how far into the mines they can run. Meanwhile, devs are working equally hard to make improvements in the popular new content. We took an opportunity to catch up with the team to find out how launch went, what's in the works and what's next for Path of Exile.

MMORPG: How has the launch of Delve gone? Do you have any fun metrics you'd like to share?

GGG: The Delve launch was one of our smoothest so far! There were a few small issues at the beginning that were resolved in a few hours. Players have been delving deep into the new content and we've been working to implement improvements based on player feedback as quickly as possible.

MMORPG: What have players done that has surprised you? Are there things that you absolutely didn't expect?

GGG: We're always impressed by how deeply involved the community becomes in new Path of Exile content. However, community streamer, Mathil, took it one step further by dressing up as a miner to celebrate the introduction of The Azurite Mine in style.

MMORPG: What's the deepest a player has gone to date? Did you think that someone could go that far prior to the launch of Delve?

GGG: As of right now, depth 1400 is the deepest any player has made it in the mine while in a party. However, in the Hardcore Delve League the deepest is only 558 which just goes to show how challenging the new content is.

MMORPG: You've recently announced a number of improvements to Delve. Were most of these on the table before the launch of Delve or are they things that came up after launch?

GGG: Many of the early changes to Delve had been discussed prior to the league launch as possibilities but became conclusive decisions based on the feedback of the community after launch.

MMORPG: What things on the list of improvements do players seem most excited about?

GGG: The community have responded well to all of the improvements but it's arguable that they're most excited about Azurite and upgrades to mining gear being shared among all their characters in the league.

MMORPG: When will the improvements begin rolling out?

GGG: Most of the major improvements are already out but it's likely that there will still be some small changes coming.

MMORPG: You made some improvements to the earlier areas of the game. How have those been received? What's the next area to see similar improvements?

GGG: The improvements to the early areas of the game have been relatively seamless changes so haven't prompted a huge amount of discussion but it's one of those cases where no feedback is good feedback. However, we have definitely noticed a lot of positive feedback to the lighting changes that improve the atmosphere of Path of Exile from start to finish. We'll continue to incrementally improve various areas of the game but the areas that were created in the beginning of Path of Exile's development will likely receive attention first.

MMORPG: Are you already planning the next League? Can you give us a ballpark figure on when that might arrive?

GGG: Yes, the next Path of Exile league is already in development! Typically our leagues start in the early parts of March, June, September and December and so far we're on track to stick to this schedule but we'll announce more definite information closer to our expected launch date.

MMORPG: Anything else you would like to add? :)

GGG: We want to thank the Path of Exile community for their continued dedication and support! It wouldn't be possible to develop expansions like Delve without them.


Suzie Ford

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