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Ilysia - A Quick Look And Interview With The Devs Behind The VR MMORPG

With about 1 day left on their Kickstarter, Kevin took a dive in Ilysia, the upcoming VR MMORPG from Team 21 Studio, as well as chatted a bit with the team behind the project.

Kingdoms of Amalur Patch 2 Live on PC

Patch 2 for Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning is live now on PC with patch notes to boot.

RuneScape - Interview With Lead Developer David Osborne

Recently we had the chance to sit down and talk to RuneScape's lead developer, David Osborne, about the challenges, as well as the bright spots of building an MMO for 20 years.

V4 - Syllunas Beckons - An interview with NAT Games

Recently we had the chance to sit down with NAT Games to talk about their recently released Mobile/PC MMO Victory Four, or V4 for short.

EVE Online: Echoes, Weather, And Niarja

EVE Online has had a busy August. From an ongoing player war, to the release of EVE Echoes on mobile, cosmic weather cropping up in Null Sec and a massively important system falling to the Triglavians, things are changing rapidly in New Eden. We sat down with CCP to discuss the goings on with the team.

A Giant Cobra Walker Has Been Added to Last Oasis

Last Oasis has received a new content push which brings about a new Cobra Walker.

Shadow Arena Interview With Executive Producer Kwangsam Kim

We were able to sit down with Shadow Arena's Executive Producer Kwangsam Kim to chat a bit about the development since launch. We're also honored to be hosting the English translation of a recent interview conducted by German MMO site Mein MMO.

Grounded: An Interview with Groundeds Game Director Adam Brennecke

Obsidian's Honey I Shrunk the Kids-esque survival title Grounded recently released as a preview on Xbox Game Pass and Early Access on Steam. The team at Obsidian was kind enough to answer some questions about the game as it stands today, as well as some upcoming additions fans can look forward to in this unique, stylistic take on the survival genre.

A Conversation With Warframe's Senior Producer Dave Kudirka

A day before Tennocon 2020, I had a chance to sit down with the Senior Producer of Warframe, Dave Kudirka, over Zoom to ask him a few questions about the new update Heart of Deimos. While some of my questions were answered during Tennocon Live, there were a lot of tidbits I discovered during the interview that are very exciting. The new update comes out on all platforms on August 25, 2020.

Diving into Avernus: An Interview With The Neverwinter Team

Recently, Neverwinter's latest content update, Avernus, has hit consoles and PC. Jonathan was able to catch up with the team behind Neverwinter for some insight about the content update.

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon DLC Scope Influenced By Player Response To Original Game

Announced today at the Xbox Showcase, The Outer Worlds is getting story DLC in the form of Peril on Gorgon. The Noir-Pulp inspired DLC was actually adjusted to be larger thanks to player response to the release of the award-winning RPG last year.

Festivals, Missions And More - An Interview With LotRO's Rob Ciccolini

As the team at Standing Stone Games celebrates another festival, this time tied to Aragorn and Arwen's wedding, we sat down with executive producer Rob Ciccolini to discuss festivals and the future of The Lord of the Rings Online.

Streaming, Loss And War - An Interview With EVE's Developers

We sit down and discuss the upcoming Abyssal Proving Grounds update, the state of EVE Online's Invasion, as well as criticisms surrounding the Forsaken Fortress update and more.

Conqueror's Blade Receives 'Season IV: Blood of the Empire' in July

Season IV: Blood of the Empire is the latest season hitting Conqueror's Blade in July.

Humankind Interview - Discussing Amplitude Studio's Upcoming 4X with Romain de Waubert

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to try out Humankind during a virtual preview event. I was able to discuss my experience with Romain de Waubert, Founder and Studio Head of Amplitude Studios and Creative Director on Humankind.