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EVE Fanfest 2022 Interview: EVE Forever, And The Third Decade

EVE Forever is a slick marketing phrase, but to the developers at CCP Games that Bradford has spoken to over the years, it's much more than that. It's a developer imperative.

Path of Exile Sentinel League Interview With Grinding Gears Games' Chris Wilson

Last week, Grinding Gear Games held a preview event for a group of select media outlets, including MMORPG.com. Later in the day the development team also held one-on-one sessions with a handful of media outlets to talk about this new league. We had the chance to sit down with producer and developer Chris Wilson for a "few" questions about the upcoming expansion.

Interview: Chatting Lost Ark with Community Manager Roxanne (Roxx) Sabo

PAX East for Anthony was busy to say the least, so for his final interview at the packed event was a laid back conversation with the Community Manager of Lost Ark, Roxanne Sabo, also known as Roxx! Enjoy this light-hearted chat on how Roxx became the community manager of Lost Ark and what she really enjoys about the job and the community!

The Minds Behind the Elder God Wars: An Interview with RuneScape's Tim Fletcher and Matt Casey

This month Emily had the opportunity of sitting down with Tim Fletcher and Matt Casey from Jagex to talk a little bit about the Elder God Wars, a story that has been taking shape over the past 12 months for RuneScape adventurers. Check out this 'reality shattering' interview!

Interview: Talking Star Trek Online With Senior Game Designer Jesse Heinig

Star Trek Online has hummed along now for over a decade, bringing players to space and allowing them to explore strange new worlds. But what's it like to create those worlds, especially in the broader universe that Star Trek Online inhabits? We spoke to Senior Game Designer Jesse Heinig about building the MMO and what it's been like working on such a fabled IP.

PAX East 2022: Interview With Black Desert Online's Executive Producer Jaehee Kim

At PAX East, Anthony had the chance to meet up with Black Desert Online Executive Producer Jaehee Kim and talk all things Mountain of Eternal Winter and the recent Drakania class.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic Round Table Interview

Earlier this week, the future of both retail and Classic WoW was revealed. We had the chance to sit down with the World of Warcraft team to chat Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Interview - Talking Dragons, Flying and More

Following the reveal of the new Dragonflight expansion, I had the opportunity to discuss some topics further with Associate Art Director Tina Wang and Senior Game Designer (Content) Jackie Wiley. We delved into many different topics, from what we'll experience in the Dragon Isles to tapping into some of the systems revamps. So, let's jump in and get to it!

Not So MMO: Space Punks Open Beta Developer Interview

Space Punks just dropped the news that this vibrant online looter shooter is about to plunge into open beta, and on 20 April, players will be able to enter the void and try out Flying Wild Hog's latest adventure. We sat down with Lead Game Designer Bartek Schweiger to talk about the open beta and the latest online looter shooter.

Interview: Creator Of Ultima Online's Next MMO Leverages Blockchain and NFTs To Allow For Real Ownership Of The World

Ultima creator Richard Garriott has teamed up again with veteran game designer Todd Porter to launch a new MMO inspired by Ultima, but leveraging new technology like blockchains and NFTs. The concept? What if you could own land in Ultima? We sat down and talked to the duo about their upcoming MMO and how it'll work.

Godfall Interview: Talking Post Launch Challenges With Game Director Daniel Nordlander

When games launch with issues, oftentimes fans dismiss the developer's efforts as lazy, half-assed or a cash grab. But development is so much more complex than it seems on the surface. We spoke to Godfall's Game Director, Daniel Nordlander, about these challenges, as well as what's coming for Counterplay's title.

Guest Interview Part 2: Talking Embers Adrift With Stormhaven Studios

Here is part two of the English translation of the interview with Stormhaven Studios by our friends and colleagues over at MMOZG.net.

Guest Interview: Talking Embers Adrift With Stormhaven Studios

We're proud to host the English-language interview of Stormhaven Studios by our incredible and brave colleagues at MMOZG.com. Check out their interview with John Gust and the team behind Embers Adrift in part one of the interview series.

EVE Online Interview: Learning From The Prospector Pack, PVP And Teaching New Players

EVE Online's dev team is no stranger to controversy. We sat down to talk about the response to the Prospector's Pack as well as the learnings from the recent Free For All event that took New Eden by storm late last month.

New World Interview: Talking Heart of Madness Update With Creative Director David Verfaillie

With the latest update of Amazon's New World hitting this week, Heart of Madness provides more opportunities for players to enjoy Aeternum. We chatted with New World creative director David Verfaillie about the update.