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Solasta: Crown Of The Magister - Checking Out The Dungeon Maker With The Dev Team

Robin had the opportunity to check out the upcoming Dungeon Maker in Solasta: Crown of the Magister with the game's CEO, Marketing Director and Communite Manager. Check out her thoughts from the talk and a bit more about the dungeon maker coming to the PC RPG.

Blade & Soul: Revolution Interview - Development Lead Hyung Jin Jang Talks Combat and Game Design

Blade & Soul: Revolution released globally this year on March 4th, slated to launch with a full cinematic story, robust combat, and five exciting classes. We had the opportunity to ask Mr. Hyun Jin Jang, the Development Lead at Netmarble F&C, a few questions about Blade & Soul: Revolution, covering development, the game as players will experience it on launch, and what players can look forward to in the future.

Interview: Talking Neverwinter's Sharandar Episode 2 'The Soul Keeper' With Senior Game Designer Noah Holmes

Neverwinter is set to release Sharandar's second episode: The Soul Keeper soon, and with it comes a new Heroic Encounter named Waking Nightmares. In this new encounter, players will work together to free trapped adventurers from a swarth of undead before facing off with The Keeper of Nightmares. This time we sat down with Noah Holmes, Senior Game Designer of Neverwinter, to hear more about this encounter and the planning process behind these events.

BlizzConline 2021: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic Developer Interview

Robin recently sat down with Executive Producer John Hight and Technical Lead Brian Birmingham for World of Warcraft Classic to talk The Burning Crusade during this year's Blizzcon.

World Records, Arms Race And Cinematics - An Interview With EVE Online's Creative Director And Brand Manager

This year, CCP has seen more world records added to their shelf as the MMO developer's playerbase keeps pushing EVE Online to new heights. We sat down with CCP's Creative Director, Bergur Finnbogasson and Brand Director Sæmundur Hermansson to talk about the latest quadrant, Reign, as well as the world records EVE keeps achieving.

BlizzConline 2021: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Developer Interview

Robin had a chance to go on the record with Warcraft's Ion Hazzikostas and Ely Cannon this weekend during BlizzConline, talking Kothria, Torghast, and Anduin's fate in Shadowlands.

BlizzConline 2021 - Diablo IV Developers Talk Rogue, PVP

Robin sat down this weekend during BlizzConline 2021 to discuss Diablo IV's new Rogue class, as well as break down the recent panel with Lead Systems Designer Joseph Poepiora and Lead Animator Careen Kingdom.

Companions, Deadlands And Avoiding Formulaic Updates - An Interview With Elder Scrolls Online's Creative Director

The Elder Scrolls Online is returning to familiar places with this year's update, but with some new features to go with them. We spoke to Rich Lambert about the companion system, as well as how the team avoids being seen as formulaic now that a release cadence has really been set in stone throughout the years.

RuneScape Patch Improves Ninja Strike

The latest patch for RuneScape looks to improve Ninja Strike and brings several quality of life improvements to boot.

Neverwinter Interview: Talking Sharandar With Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz

On February 9th, the team from Cryptic Studios will release Sharandar, the latest module for their MMORPG Neverwinter. We sat down with Randy Mosiondz, Lead Designer for Neverwinter to learn about the return to the lands of the Iliyanbruen Elves and the struggles in New Sharandar.

Recent RuneScape Patch Brings Improvements to Player Owned Farms

The recent RuneScape patch provides updates to player owned farms, along with a few fixes.

Interview - Dimensional Ink Games' CEO Jack Emmert On 10 Years Of DC Universe Online

Just last week the DC Comics inspired superhero MMO, DC Universe Online (DCUO), celebrated it's 10-year anniversary! Dimensional Ink Games, the studio behind the development for the game, also kicked off a three weeklong in-game celebration that runs through January. We caught up with DCUO's Jack Emmert to talk about 10 years of the comic-hero MMO.

New Official World of Warcraft Book Explores Kalimdor

There's a new World of Warcraft book in the works by Blizzard taking a look at Kalimdor.

Snow Has Fallen Across Red Dead Online Along with Holiday Festivities

Snow is falling in Red Dead Online as the holiday and festivities and more arrive across the five states.

EverQuest 2 - Interview With Jenn Chan Of Darkpaw Games About Reign Of Shadows And Vah Shir

EverQuest II has just recently launched their 17th expansion entitled Reign of Shadows. We had the chance to sit down with Jenn Chan, the head of Darkpaw Games to ask some questions about the long awaited return of the Vah Shir race to the world of Norrath!