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Interview: Chatting Ravendawn Online With Tavernlight CEO Nicolas Schrik

Ravendawn Online recently launched into its open beta and Nick was able to catch up with developer Tavernlight Games' CEO Nicolas Schrik.

Interview: After Two Years In Early Access, Everspace 2 Is Cleared For 1.0 Launch

Two years ago, Everspace 2 officially entered Early Access, which gave players an early look into the series's new space exploring approach. With the game's 1.0 launch now here, there's plenty to discuss before we blast off into the unknown for the first time. We spoke with Rockfish Games' Erik Schrader about the 1.0 launch last month at PAX East.

To Infinity And Beyond: Artix Entertainment's Adam Bohn Talks 20 Years Of AdventureQuest

After 20 years, AdventureQuest is still updating and growing. We talked to Artix Entertainment's Adam Bohn about two decades of the franchise, memorable moments, and the future.

PAX East 2023: Wayfinder Team Clarifies Reveals, Answers Questions, and Wants You to Avoid FOMO

At PAX East, Robin played a new Wayfinder demo and interviewed Creative Director Joe Madureira, President Ryan Stefanelli, and Marketing and Engagement Director AJ LaSaracina to clarify previous points, get new details, and go deep into the reveals.

GDC 2023 - Life By You Is An Ambitious Life Sim That Aims To Give Players Ultimate Freedom In The Game World

Life By You is an upcoming life sim by Paradox Tectonic that aims to give players ultimate freedom in the game world. And after chatting with studio head Rod Humble from Paradox Tectonic, Bradford came away thinking that it was pretty ambitious, but exciting to see unfold.

Wayfinder Interview: Talking Monetization, End Game and Player Counts with Airship Syndicate

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the development team at Airship Syndicate to talk all things Wayfinder. Learn about monetization, end game, and much more in our Wayfinder Interview.

Side Quests: Arcade1Up's CES 2023 Lineup Points To A New Future Of Deluxe Affordability - Interview

The new Deluxe cabinets - combined with the Infinity Game Board - signal an effort by the A1Up team to get price points down while keep the quality clear.

Interview: Talking Elder Scrolls Online's Necrom Reveal With Rich Lambert

Last week, after the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Zenimax Online Studios laid out the beginnings of what players can expect in 2023 from The Elder Scrolls Online. A new storyline taking players back to Morrowind, this time to the Telvanni Peninsula, kicks off in March, with things really ramping up in June with the annual expansion release. We chatted with game director Rich Lambert about what players can expect in 2023.

Calpheon Ball 2022: Interview With Black Desert's Executive Producer Jaehee Kim

Earlier this month, Pearl Abyss hosted its first-ever North American Calpheon Ball, bringing its celebration to Los Angeles to reveal the future of Black Desert, as well as celebrate the work so far. During the event, we had the chance to chat with the executive producer of Black Desert, Jaehee Kim.

Interview: Talking Warhaven with Nexon Director Eunseok Yi

The Global Beta Test for Nexon's upcoming sword-fighting experience recently ended, and we had the opportunity to discuss the game with Game Director Eunseok Yi. Warhaven will focus on 16vs16 brawls with a combination of medieval weaponry, powerful magic, and fun gadgets to take down your enemies. Here's what the director had to say about Warhaven!

Interview: Talking Music And Gaming With Dragonforce's Marc Hudson

Earlier this year, Scott had the chance to chat with Dragonforce's Marc Hudson about music, gaming, and how the band blends the two.

The RPG Files: Building Obsidian's Pentiment: Interview With Game Director Josh Sawyer

Obsidian is known for some incredible RPGs, and Pentiment is just another in a long list of hits. We spoke to game director Josh Sawyer about the development on the title, design decisions along the way, and building an RPG set in the Reformation.

Summoner's War Chronicles Interview With Executive Producer Eunjae Lee

Summoner's War: Chronicles recently released on mobile as well as PC, and we had the chance to speak to Com2us' Eunjae Lee, executive producer on the MMORPG in an email interview and about the MMO, its future and more.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Interview: Story and Lore With Steve Danuser And Maria Hamilton

Earlier this week, Robin had the opportunity to participate in an interview with the Narrative Director for World of Warcraft, Steve Danuser, and Lead Quest Designer, Maria Hamilton. We had a great conversation about how things currently sit narratively, hints about what's to come, and some interesting insights on their choices with quest flow and types of quests in Dragonflight. There's a lot of ground to cover, so let's jump right in!

Interview: Dreamside Founder Wants Frozen Flame To Act As A Gateway To Survival Games

Frozen Flame, the RPG and survival hybrid game from Dreamside Interactive, heads to Early Access tomorrow after a long development process. We were able to catch up with Dreamside Interactive's Serge Korolev to talk about the process of making Frozen Flame.