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Interview: Embers Adrift Producer Talks Studio, Rebranding, And Building An MMO As An Indie

Embers Adrift recently lifted the NDA on their upcoming MMO with its transition to beta. While the studio has gone through several high-profile phases during its life, including the departure of one of its founders and a complete rebrand of the MMO, development keeps trucking along. We sat down with Stormhaven Studios to talk about the studio, the game itself, as well as some of the fallout from last year's news surrounding the rebrand.

Interview: Hyperspace Is A New Free-To-Play-And-Earn Sandbox MMO Allows Players To Choose Their Own Path

Carbon Based Lifeforms pulled the veil back on its upcoming sandbox MMO, Hyperspace, today. The pitch is an MMO that is free-to-play-and-earn, giving players the tools to forge their own path and, if they want, make a little money on the side. We chatted with CEO Theo Priestley about the upcoming MMO.

Interview: EVE Online's Quadrants And The Road To Fanfest

Back at EVE Vegas 2019, CCP's Bergur Finnbogason announced to EVE Online fans the introduction of Quadrant updates. However, as many might have noticed, the latest update hasn't quite hit just yet. CCP explains the road to Fanfest in our latest interview.

New World Interview: Talking January's Update And The Future With Amazon's Mike Willette

January's update is coming, and we've had the chance to chat a bit about it with Amazon's World Experience Lead Mike Willette about some of its features, as well as ask about what's coming on the horizon.

Interview: EVE Online's Fanfest, Blockchain And Doctor Who

EVE Online is kicking 2022 off with a bang with its first major cross over event in the MMO's history. But there is so much more going on at developer CCP Games as 2022 starts to deepen, and we sat down with the team to talk about what's on the horizon.

Interview: Jagex's Chris Pfeiffer on Living Games, Melvor Idle And Finding Inspiration

Last time, we had the pleasure of talking to Melvor Idle's founder and creator Brendan Malcolm. This week, we sat down to have a quick chat with Jagex's own Chris Pfeiffer to learn a little more about the acquisition and how it all went down behind the scenes. In addition to this, Chris opened up and gave us some incredible insight into his history with the company, passion for gaming, and how Melvor Idle aligns with Jagex's vision of community-driven games.   

EverQuest II: Visions of Vetrovia Initial Impressions and Developer Interview

Developer Darkpaw Games released the latest EverQuest II expansion this December, Visions of Vetrovia. After more than six years away from the game, Kevin jumped back in with a new level 120 character. He also had the chance to ask the developers a few questions. Check out his initial thoughts and the interview with Creative Director Kyle "Kander" Vallee.

Interview: Digging deep into Melvor Idle with its creator, Brendan Malcolm

Melvor Idle is a brand new, casual, indie adventure game that emulates some of the best parts about skilling in RuneScape, so much so that Jagex reached out personally to offer to publish it. We sat down this week with Brendan Malcolm to talk about Melvor Idle, his inspiration, and how he partnered with Jagex to make this indie idler a massive success.

New World Interview: Talking Challenges And Future WIth Game Director Scot Lane

Heading into the new year, Amazon's New World is gearing up for the future. Since launching in late September, the team t Amazon Game Studios has had a rough go of it. We chatted with Game Director Scot Lane about the troubles the studio has faced, and peaked into the future of the MMO.

Interview: Talking Fate of Gundabad With LotRO's Executive Producer

Fate of Gundabad, the latest expansion from The Lord of the Rings Online, has been out for almost a month now, and we wanted to know a bit more about its creation. We chatted with Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini at Standing Stone Games about the Dwarvish-themed expansion to the MMO.

Interview: About Those New World of Warships Graphics...

World of Warships recently received a major graphics overhaul as part of Update 0.10.10. Just how deep (sorry, not sorry) does the overhaul go?

Interview: Star Trek Online's Ryon Levitt On Working On Star Trek, S24 Reflections Console Launch

We sat down and spoke to Senior Designer Ryon Levitt from the Star Trek Online team, about working on his childhood dream as well as some of the approaches to the recently released S24: Reflections content.

Interview: Star Wars The Old Republic's Legacy Of The Sith Is Out December 14th

Ten years of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Ten years of storytelling that is continuing with its latest expansion, Legacy of the Sith, which will release on December 14th, 2021. We sat down with the team to talk about how they see this expansion and where things go from here, as well as the longevity of the MMO.

Interview: As EVE Online Players Protest, CCP Responds To Feedback Regarding Proposed New Dawn Mining Changes

EVE Online has been a flurry of activity both in game and outside of New Eden this past weekend with players protesting and showing displeasure at proposed changes coming with the latest New Dawn quadrant. We sat down with CCP Games to talk about the feedback and how the team is moving forward from here.

Interview: Crowfall Goes Freemium, Lowers Base Price With Major Update

Crowfall launched in July, bringing the long awaited throne war PvP MMO to the market. However, since launch its felt like it's been hard for the PvP MMO to keep pace with the other releases this year. Well, ArtCraft Entertainment is hoping its latest update, as well as its new free trial model will help draw in players who have been interested in seeing what its all about, but hesitant to drop in.