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Interview With Development Team

Richard Duffek and the MMORPG.com community ask a few questions of the developer team for Darkfall.

Combat Upgrade Q&A

The recent "Combat Upgrade" introduced to Star Wars Galaxies has many players upset. We decided to address many of the issues with the update by going directly to the source and asking Julio Torres - the SWG Producer at LucasArts.

Mini Q&A #2

Our second Q&A with Luke Carruthers. In this session we ask him about character movement, character customization and camera control.

Interview with Dev Team

Dana Massey asks some great questions of the Irth Online development team. Two exclusive screens are included! This is the first in a new bi-monthly feature!

Interview with Christophe Watkins

Richard Duffek and the MMORPG.com community ask a few questions from the Vice President of Icarus Studios, Christophe Watkins.

Interview with Todd Keister

Richard Duffek asks a few questions from Todd Keister, the Assistant Producer for Auto Assault.

Interview with Stieg Hedlund, Lead Designer

Dana Massey conducts a Q&A with Stieg Hedlund, the Lead Designer for Gods and Heroes. This feature also includes 5 exclusive screens and a video!

Mini Q&A #1

The first in a new series of mini-interviews with Imaginary Numbers.

Interview with Yan Udras

Reed Hubbard interviews Yan Udras from Russian-based developer Nikita regarding their fantasy MMORPG "Sphere" and its recent introduction into North American markets.

Interview with Stephanie Shaver.

Richard Duffek gets to ask Stephanie Shaver, Designer for Hero's Journey a few questions about the game. This feature includes 3 exclusive screen shots!

Interview With Dallas Dickinson, SOE Producer

Reed Hubbard asks Dallas Dickinson a few questions about the upcoming expansion "Rage of the Wookiees" for Star Wars Galaxies.

Interview With Chris "Mo" Sherland

Our staff writer Reed Hubbard along with many of our community members got a chance to ask Chris "Mo" Sherland a few questions about WWII Online and the upcoming 1.19 patch.

Dragons of Norrath Interview With Alan Crosby

Reed Hubbard sits down with Alan Crosby of Sony Online Entertainment for a brief Q&A. In this special interview we feature questions that were submitted by our fine community!

Interview with Glen Dahlgren

An interview with the designer of Star Trek Online.

Interview With Brad McQuaid

Tracy Lovett (Tarthus) sit down with Brad McQuaid of Sigil Games to discuss their MMORPG in development - Vanguard: Saga of Heroes.