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Dev Profile: Tim Temmerman

In this first of many upcoming Q&As from around the industry, we profile Tim Temmerman, the QA Lead for LucasArts on Star Wars Galaxies.

Mini Q&A #6

We continue our bi-weekly interview series with another four questions answered by Luke Carruthers.

Interview with In-Kyun Hong

In-Kyun Hong, the Producer of SUN, took the time to chat with our own Richard Duffek about the upcoming console-style combat MMORPG from Webzen Inc.

Q&A #2

Eric Slick, Director of Development and Designer on Hero's Journey, takes the time to talk to us in this second of our bi-weekly Q&A series. Included is one exclusive screenshot.

Mini Q&A #5

Luke Carruthers is back with four more questions and answers about the upcoming tactical MMORPG.

Interview with Daniel James

Daniel James of Three Rings took some time to sit down and chat about Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, the unique pirate-themed MMORPG that was recently published by UBISoft.

Mini Q&A #2

Once again Gilles Zedde sits down with us to discuss Dark & Light as this bi-weekly Q&A series continues.

Q&A With Nathan Richardsson

Nathan Richardsson, a Producer for EVE Online, answers some of our questions about their successful space title. Lead man Magnus Bergsson joins for some answers.

Q&A #1

We kick off a brand new Q&A series with the developers behind Hero's Journey. Every other Tuesday check back for five brand new questions. Included is our weekly screenshot.

Interview with Morten Juul

We sit down with Morten Juul to talk about the upcoming artisically unique MMORPG Seed. The Q&A includes four exclusive screenshots.

Mini Q&A #4

E3 has come and gone, now we pick up this bi-weekly Q&A series with Luke Carruthers - the man behind Tactica Online

Mini Q&A #1

We begin a new series of bi-weekly Q&As with Farlan today. Every other Monday we will bring you five new questions and answers from the development team.

Q&A with Sean Hong

This golf themed MMORPG breaks new ground in the realm of sports. Our own Alexander Chopra (aka Chopes) had a chance to catch up with Sean Hong of OnNet to discuss this title.

Q&A With Marco Behrmann

Our own Richard Duffek had a chance to quiz the man behind Project Entropia about the game's progress and his take on many hot button issues in the industry.

Mini Q&A #3

This is our third installment in our bi-weekly Q&A with Imaginary Numbers. This time we talk about character bonding, terrain in combat and much more!