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Interview With Ken Troop - Lead Designer

Our own Reed Hubbard got the chance to sit down with Ken Troop at Turbine Games and ask him a whole bunch of great questions about D&D Online.

Interview With Richard Garriott (a.k.a. Lord British)

Our own Richard Duffek (Kunou) recently had the opportunity to ask a few questions of the famous Richard Garriott - creator of the "Ultima" series and the creative mind behind the upcoming MMORPG "Tabula Rasa."

Interview With Matt Firor - Executive Producer & VP of Development

We had the opportunity to speak with Matt Firor, Executive Producer and Vice President of Development for Mythic. Along with current and future plans for Dark Age of Camelot, Matt was kind enough to share information regarding Imperator, Mythic's Roman-themed persistent world currently in development.

Mourning Dev Chat

Our own Richard Duffek (Kunou) was a guest of honor at the developers chat on Aug. 21, 2004 and we have a transcript from the event.

Vendetta Online Interview

Richard Duffek (Kunou) sits down with John Bergman to talk about their upcoming sci-fi/space combat MMORPG that features real-time twitch combat. This feature also includes 6 exclusive screens!

Auto Assault Interview

Recently, our own Richard Duffek (aka Kunou) sat down with Ryan Seabury - the Senior Developer for Auto Assault for a little Q&A session. He managed to get a ton of great information from him! This interview also features 5 exclusive screen shots from the game!

Fansite Friday Interview #2

ArenaNet recently launched their "Fansite Friday" program where each week they select a Guild Wars fan site and offer them a chance to fire 3 questions at them...this week it was our turn! Our own Reed "Koltrane" Hubbard asked three teriffic questions, and we think you will find the answers very interesting!

Q&A With Reclamation Developers

MMORPG.COM staff member Richard Duffek sits down with two members of the Reclamation team - Producer Jason Kramer and Mike Fisher, the lead of PR and marketing for Lyra Studios.

Interview With Dan Antonescu

Andrew Collins (aka Malkavian) sits down with Dan for a brief Q&A about Limitless Horizons's upcoming MMORPG that is set to break many of the "rules" of the genre.

Interview With Dev Team

Richard Duffek sat down with a large group of the developers of Freeworld to talk about the current state of their fantasy MMORPG project.

Interview With Richard "Faustus" Lyle

Our own Alex De Line chats with Richard "Faustus" Lyle, the Lead Programmer and designer for DarkSpace.

Interview With Austin Smith

Our own Mark Schembri sits down for a chat with the President of EvilGamers to discuss the status of RageKage.

Q&A With Steve Siverling

Recently, we had the opportunity to discuss EvilGamer’s upcoming MMORPG title, Rage Kage Online, with Project Lead, Steve Siverling.

Interview With Jason Kim

MMORPG.COM recently got the opportunity to interview Jason Kim of JC Entertainment, creators of the horror/western MMORPG due for release mid this year.