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Q&A #8

The folks at Simutronics are back with five more questions and answers.

Dev Profile: Frank Ross

In our latest developer profile Q&A, we talk to Frank Ross of Black Masque Games.

Q&A #7

Melissa Meyer answers our questions as we get things back into gear and ask five more questions.

Depths of Darkhollow Q&A

It has been a long time since we caught up with the former king's of the hill - SOE's classic EverQuest. Now, with yet another expansion heading down the pipe, we talk to Craig Knapp, Producer.

Dev Profile: Paul MacInnes

We catch up with one of the men behind the upcoming XBox MMORPG "Citizen Zero".

Q&A #5

We pick the series back up with a fifth set of questions and answers from Turbine on their eagerly anticipated online-adaptation of the biggest fish in the role-playing pond.

Trouble Times, Interview

They recently canned their main draw - their $1,000,000 tournament - and the reviews have been less than stellar. Finally, rumors of staff departures plagued the company. The time came for us to check on the health of Planetwide Games.

Exclusive Interview, Part Two

We talk to Barry Hoffman of Spellborn International again, in the second half of this two part Q&A.

Dev Profile: Peter Grundy

Peter Grundy, the Art Director for Auto Assault, steps up to the plate for another developer profile Q&A.

Exclusive Interview, Part One

In the first part of a two part interview, Funcon's Terri Perkins discusses their second big MMORPG project: Age of Conan.

Exclusive Interview, Part One

The Chronicles of Spellborn, a recently announced MMORPG project out of the Netherlands, has generated some hype with its unique artistic style. Now, we take a first look as we catch up with the team.

Exclusive Reaction from Turbine

Turbine delivered the news that many may have expected, but few saw coming when they officially announced that Asheron's Call 2 would soon cease operation. We have an exclusive Q&A from Turbine, with reaction.

Q&A #4

Victor Wachter, DDO Online Community Manager, answers five more questions in the fourth installment of this bi-weekly series.

Q&A #6

Aaron Standridge answers five more questions from staffer Jon Wood as our bi-weekly quiz series continues for the sixth week!

Dev Profile: Ryan Seabury

The Design Director for Auto Assault sits down to answer a few of our questions in the latest developer profile Q&A.