Dark or Light

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Q&A #5

The Dark and Light team answer our questions as the Q&A series resumes.

Interview with Jack Emmert

Jack Emmert, aka The Statesman, took the time to answer our questions submited just before the game's launch. City of Villains hit shelves on Monday.

Q&A #7

Our series returns as we ask more questions of Turbine about their upcoming game.

Interview with Julio Torres

Julio Torres is the Producer of Star Wars Galaxies. Today he answers some of our questions on the game and its future.

Dev Profile: Jessica Mulligan

The recent high profile defection from Turbine, Jessica Mulligan is now the Executive Producer of Ryzom.

Interview with James Hettinger

James Hettinger, the CEO of Icarus Studios, talks to us about their upcoming post-apocolyptic MMORPG.

Interview, Part Three

David "Zeb" Cook concludes our three part look at City of Villains in anticipation of its launch.

Q&A #4

Once again, the Lead Designer of Dark and Light drops in to answer our questions.

Interview, Part Two

Game Director Gaute Godager arrives with the second half of our two part look inside this exciting title.

Interview with Jeffrey Steefel

Lord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel submits to a series of questions on their upcoming MMORPG.

Interview, Part Two

David "Zeb" Cook returns for part two of our three part interview on the upcoming MMORPG due out early in November.

Q&A #9

Jeremy Starley talks to Melissa Meyer of Simutronics about their game as our bi-weekly Q&A series continues.

Interview, Part One

David "Zeb" Cook answers our questions in the first part of a three part Q&A series with the villainous designer.

Q&A #3

Stephane Quilichini, a.k.a. Vuuar, answers our questions as we resume a bi-weekly Q&A series with the people behind Dark & Light.

Q&A #6

Victor Watcher of Dungeons and Dragons Online answers five more of our questions in this bi-weekly series.