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Dev Profile: Kyle Kessenrich

One of the folks at RYL talks about his path to the industry.

Q&A #8

In our eighth Q&A, Jon Wood talks again to the team making this recently beta-bound MMORPG.

Q&A #13

Melissa Meyer answers more questions this week.

Interview with Steve Tsao

We learn about RAN Online, an upcoming contemporary MMORPG, from company president Steve Tsao.

Dev Profile: Daron Stinnett

The Producer of Star Trek Online answers some questions.

Colossal Studios Interview

James Moffet, the CEO/Executive Producer of Colossal Studios, talks about his company's unique role within the gaming industry.

Q&A #12

Melissa Meyer, the Producer of Hero's Journey, answers more of our questions.

Interview, Part I

In the first half a two part interview, we talk to the folks at RedBedlam.

Q&A #7

We bring you more answers from Farlan.

Interview, Part Two

Michael "Zzeno" Rowland returns to answer a few more questions.

Interview, Part One

We talk to Michael “Zzeno” Rowland of Codemasters about their upcoming import-MMORPG.

NGE Interview with Casey Keefe

In addition to our editorial and review, we have a brief interview with Community and Press Relations Manager Casey Keefe.

Q&A #11

Jeremy Starley gets more answers from Simutronics.

Q&A #6

The Dark and Light team returns to answer five more questions as the series continues.

Interview with Kijong Kang

Fans of the MMOFPS genre get ready, as we quiz Producer Kijong Kang on Webzen's upcoming Unreal MMOFPS.