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Relic Hunters Legend is Rogue Snail's Dream Game

Relic Hunters Legend is an upcoming co-op looter/shooter from Rogue Snail. It’s the sequel to the popular Relic Hunters Zero and sees up to four players taking on a terrible villain who has stolen the past. We wanted to learn more about Relic Hunters Legends, so we tracked down Project Lead Mark Venturelli to learn more.

Shadow Interview: The Gaming Cloudception

One topic dominated headlines at E3 this year: cloud gaming. Whether it’s Google’s launch into the gaming space with Stadia, or Microsoft’s move with xCloud, it seems like big players now see the technology’s potential. But what of the pioneers that have been living the dream for years?

Trending Back to Customization

As we have all grown up with MMOs on this site, there is a rich history of character customization that we took for granted. However, over the past several years it seems like more games have gone the route of skins and character lists instead of giving players the chance to build their own look on screen. Until recently, now it seems like customization is coming back.

Not So MMO: Darksburg Devs - 'We're Making a Game We Want to Play'

Darksburg is an upcoming co-op survival action title from Shiro Games, developers of the highly regarded Northgard strategy game. Taking a break from strategy, Darksburg pits teams of four against hordes of “infected” that threaten to overwhelm the town. We had the chance to speak with Lead Designer Fred Oughdentz to learn more about the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – Meeting Expectations

At E# last week we spoke with Swen Vincke the founder of Larian Studios. He was joined by D&D’s own Michael Mearls to talk about the incoming RPG bomb that is Baldur’s Gate 3. This title originally launched Bioware into the top RPG game studios status in the 1990s. Now here we are going into a new decade with a new generation of D&D fans and the third installment of the series is being built by a studio with a proven track record in the Divinity series. In truth, there could not be a better set up for this game, however, let’s see what the guys had to say at E3.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Interview: An Expansion & the Future

Vermintide has had a huge successful run among game fans. Both Warhammer and Left for Dead players love this title with its fast-paced action and brutal fight scenes. It harkens to the Warhammer of the Old World that many of us loved. New players continue to join the battle all the time and the team was happy to launch Winds of Magic. We spoke with Mats Andersson about the expansion and some of the plans for Vermintide in the future.

Streaming EVE Online: An Interview with Streamfleet

No other MMO in today’s gaming industry has a more storied, player-driven history than EVE Online. One might argue the legends of “World Firsts!” guilds in WoW can give EVE a run for its money, but simply no other game today can compete with the player-driven and player-created drama that unfolds daily in New Eden. From political controversies to back stabbings and alliance betrayals, the stories of capsuleers in New Eden are the lore many gamers love to learn about.

Destiny's Sword Interview - Exploring Key Features

Destiny's Sword is an upcoming MMO that is trying to move the genre in new ways with its emphasis on mental health as a component of a character's development. But what about the more typical MMO features that players expect? We sat down with 2Dogs' Ken Hall to learn more.

FFXIV Shadowbringers: Yoshida-san Talks Shadowbringers

We had the opportunity to put our Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers questions directly to Yoshida-san as part of a round-table interview. Topics included making sure those job changes are just right, and sharing a few details on updates to The Hunt. We also got the chance to dig into the design process behind Dancer and Gunbreaker.

TERA 7th Anniversary Interview: A Look Back & a Peek at the Future

TERA has come full circle as a successful MMO with a fantastic seven-year run. Now as the game celebrates seven years we get some insight into the success and also the roadmap for the future. We spoke to Patrick ‘Atmorph’ Mathieu about everything TERA this week.

Crowfall – A New Dawn

Crowfall and get the scoop on what backers can expect over the next month or so of development. Better graphics, new worlds, and even more have Red excited.

A Plague Tale Interview - What Makes It Unique?

A Plague Tale: Innocence is an action-adventure title that launched last week for PC, PS4 & Xbox One and immediately won over fans and critics alike. The game features a heartwrenching journey of two young children in the world ripped apart by war and suffering from plague. Just before the release of the game we had an opportunity to interview Kevin Choteau, the Game Director on A Plague Tale: Innocence, and ask a couple of questions.

Introducing Path of Exile: Legion - The Next Big League Coming This Summer

If it's been three months since the last huge Path of Exile reveal, you know what that means! Yep, it's time for the next big thing, this time called Legion. Grinding Gear is shaking things up and giving players a lot more agency in Legion, so sit back and check out a few of the fun new stuff coming in the next few weeks as players set off on a journey that will review some of the game's history and will provide players with lots to explore as well as gear them up with awesome goodies.

Magic the Gathering Arena Champion is a Role Model for Many

Autumn Burchett is an inspiration. As part of the Magic The Gathering community, Autumn sets a fine example of a player, champion, and role model for many. Read about a rise to glory, hard work, and the type of change that gaming is bringing to the world.

New World of Warcraft 8.2 Info: Tyrande, Sylvanas, Customization, OH MY!

As a result of the widely known information about World of Warcraft: Rise of Azshara v8.2, last week’s interview during the media summit was a bit tricky. However, WoW’s Lead Encounter Designer Morgan Day and Senior Game Producer Shani Edwards had new things to offer around a few very particular portions of 8.2.