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NGE Interview with Casey Keefe

Dana Massey Posted:
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The Community and Press Relations Manager at LucasArts answers some quick questions

In researching my editorial I contacted Casey Keefe - the Community and Press Relations Manager at LucasArts - to talk about the changes to the game. We asked him four brief questions about the New Game Experience, which are most likely of interest to the community.

MMORPG.com: Can you comment on your decision to make fundamental changes to a game that has already been released? MMOs grow over time, unlike other games, but rarely are game altering changes made. Why did you do this?
Casey Keefe:

Bottom line, Galaxies has always been a good game, but was failing to capture the true Star Wars experience that a Star Wars game really needs to deliver. When you have such an accessible IP (Intellectual Property) such as Star Wars, you do the IP and its fans a disservice by providing a game based on this that doesn’t deliver the true Star Wars experience. We wanted to change that.

MMORPG.com: Are you worried about alienating the base that has made SWG a success to date? What do you say to those who feel betrayed?
Casey Keefe:

That’s always a risk with the advancement of any game, whether it be taking an MMO in a new direction or releasing a completely new sequel. However, we have had multiple members of the existing player base, both casual and hardcore alike, come out in support of the new direction of the game who are really enjoying it.

To those that feel “betrayed” we understand their frustration, but really think they are missing out on a great Star Wars experience by not continuing to play the game with its new direction. I would suggest they give it a real honest try, if they do not like it after that then at least they have given it a fair shake, but don’t cast it off automatically just because it is something new.

MMORPG.com: Has any thought been given to offering “classic servers” or alternatively, restricting these sweeping changes to new servers, or even simply doing a sequel or parallel title?
Casey Keefe:


MMORPG.com: Switching gears, for those who do not play SWG, what has changed about the game and what kind of experience will await them if they join?
Casey Keefe:

The game is better than ever with our fast-action combat system, improved character and profession development, and easy-to-follow directed content. We are confident that Galaxies is the most immersive and enjoyable Star Wars experience you can find out there today.

My thanks to Casey for the quick response on these.

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Dana Massey