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New PVP Content, New Class, Progression, Crafting & More

William Murphy Posted:
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MU Legend's open beta is going strong right now for Webzen. We caught up with the team this week to explore what's coming next for PVP, new classes, progression, and more.

MMORPG: How has the reception been towards MU Legend since launch? What is the positive AND negative feedback you're seeing?

Dennis: We consider the overall feedback quite positive. Many players acknowledge that it is the OBT of the game and that we are continuously working on improvements of the game. The positive feedback is actually quite simple: most players like our game what makes us happy. We worked hard for that. They like our approach on merging MMO with Hack&Slash. The negative feedback is mixed. We are still in process of analyzing all feedback and come to conclusions.

MMORPG:   What has been the biggest technical hurdle so far in the Open Beta?

Dennis: The biggest technical hurdle were connection issues with our North American IDC. Unfortunately, these connection issues are not directly caused by us or our IDC, but rather by ISPs. We are in contact with these companies in order to help them to fix those issues.

MMORPG: What sort of new content and features are being added in the weeks ahead leading into the official launch?

Dennis: On 5th of December we will release our 3vs3 PVP content. In early January we are planning to release a bigger patch which will introduce some great competitive guild features and much more. Overall we are very excited about the content roadmap we have for 2018.

MMORPG: Can you go into detail on these?

Dennis: At this stage we don’t want to spill the beans already. We will continue communicating about our additional contents in very close future.

MMORPG: Are there any new classes coming to the game?

Dennis: As known by many players already, we are currently working on the Spellbinder update which will be the 5th class.

MMORPG: The progression path through questing is probably the biggest detriment towards raising a second or third character. Are there any plans to make alternate paths for leveling?

Dennis: This is also one of our main concerns for the future and we are considering various systems to reduce the user’s stress from leveling the alts. One of the system we are currently considering is that gives a portion of EXP or level from the main character to alts. However, we are not considering offer alternative paths that allows users to skip the main quest line.

MMORPG: Crafting is somewhat basic right now. Are there plans to develop this system further?

Dennis: We will improve the crafting system in the future with more powerful gears and potions. However, we believe killing monsters to earn more powerful gears as the main farming method in MU Legend, we are not aiming to develop the crafting system too complicated.

MMORPG: It seems that the Action MMORPG is sort of the new "thing" in MMO games. There are others, such as Lost Ark, Project LT from NCSoft, and more coming. How will MU Legend keep people engaged as new games hit the market?

Dennis: By feature richness and quality. We have many great and unique features scheduled for 2018. We will communicate about them in future.


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