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New Official World of Warcraft Book Explores Kalimdor

Releasing in October

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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There’s a new World of Warcraft book in the works by Blizzard taking a look at Kalimdor.

The book is slated to publish on October 15, 2021 according to Amazon via Wowhead. The listing notes that the book will be 144 pages long and is the second entry in the Exploring Azeroth series. The summary notes,

“In the thrilling second volume of Blizzard Entertainment's breakout lore book series, Exploring Azeroth, readers make the perilous journey across the lush and vivid reaches of Kalimdor to learn the secrets of the land. Leave no stone unturned as the World of Warcraft team reveals lore, insights, and breathtaking landscapes of familiar and favorite places, and others forgotten to time.”

The book looks like it will be published in only English for now. We’re not sure if additionally languages will see a printing later on. What are you expecting to learn from the book? Sound off below.


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