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Editor’s Note: There were other questions posed to RadarX, but the poor bugger was told not to answer them under penalty of soul-torture.  They keep his eternal soul bottled in the basement of SOE for such things. In other more serious terms: lots of your questions will be answered by future updates to the game and you’ll just have to see what’s in store! They answered what they could at thus junction and promise many more details are on the way.  Now, let’s turn it over to Tony “RadarX” Jones.

WHITE LANTERN: In the early days, it was often talked about the current cities being bottled and it was eluded to that we would eventually help un-bottle them. Are there still plans to un-bottle Gotham and Metropolis to make the game world bigger?

TONY JONES: We obviously can’t discuss too many details on content in development but I can say that the team has been busy working on ways to help get players back into Metropolis and Gotham City. 

WHITE LANTERN: Farming collections and briefings for one character's gear-look is fine and fun. For a second character: not so much. Any chance we will see account-wide style unlocking specifically from the collections/briefings?

TONY JONES: Style collections are a big part of the DCUO experience and we certainly don’t want to diminish that chase.  There aren’t plans right now to extend collections across all characters but we are always listening to what the community has to say and will take their feedback into account as we continue to update the game.

MNEMIC666: How soon can expect to see some other modes of travel? Something like different flavors for flight or super-speed is fine, but it feels kind of underwhelming with only three travel powers.

TONY JONES: There are some ideas floating around on how to make travel more interesting.  You may see something a little down the road. As for brand new Movement modes, they are certainly possible however the team has so many great Power and Weapon ideas.  You’ll just have to wait and see.

VICDONNEGAN: There appears to be quite a bit of hacking going on, on both the PvE and PvP servers. Are there any plans to discipline players who use hacking programs that alter game-play?

TONY JONES: We have some good news for you.  If you’ve been by the forums recently, you’ve seen statements by Deadmeat indicating we’ve suspended a number of player accounts for using third party software.  We are actively watching for this software and Customer Service will regularly remove players who abuse it.

White Lantern: Can we get multiple (even just 2) gear tabs for quickly switching between styles? I have one style I wear when I'm doing combat (my armor) and another that I use when I'm just hanging out or farming collections/briefings. Changing the style of each piece individually (not to mention re-coloring) is extremely time consuming. Clark Kent does not have this issue (and I am a speedster).

TONY JONES:  Style tabs are certainly something that has been talked about and the team has expressed an interest in.  I can’t confirm, so please stay tuned for more on this front!  

White Lantern: Can we get a new vault with new styles? Joker's funhouse is kind of stale these days.

TONY JONES:  New items are regularly going to be added to the Vault.  The very popular Snowman Trinket for instance is still a rare drop in there.  New Vaults are absolutely a possibility but not in the very immediate future. 

QUIDOM: Plans for new power sets and areas? I would like to see an elemental power set (imagine Metamorpho or the Metal Men). And new areas for all players with possibly new mentors. There are tons of characters in the DC universe that have yet to get any face time in the game.

TONY JONES: We aren’t done with Powers as you’ve seen with Fight for the Light and Lightning Strikes.  You’ll likely see more in the future but that’s as specific as we can get.  We agree the DC Universe is full of rich and exciting characters which DCUO takes full advantage of.  You’ll see us continue to expound on those down the road.  Keep in mind that Mentors require a significant amount of content that only solo players can enjoy.  It’s certainly not out of the question, but the focus right now is on content everyone can enjoy.

SHAWN964: Are there plans to remove the money cap from free/premium users? It’s getting annoying and I can’t buy the new plans from R&D. Or at least increase it to something like 50,000. That would be MUCH better. 

TONY JONES:  The team is always watching how players interact with our economy and how they use their money.  Having access to larger amounts of cash is a big benefit our Legendary players enjoy and there aren’t plans to diminish that right now.


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