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Megalithic Update Interview

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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This week we spoke to the Trove team about the Megalithic update’s launch on consoles. With PC players already in sync, the great news is from now on Trion will be launching all future updates across all platforms. So no more waiting and out of sync events. The Megalithic update has some great features and the Dino Tamer class who fits right along the Jurassic Jungle new zone. We spoke to the team on how the game has been ported over to console play and what players can expect from the update.

To celebrate the launch, Trion is hosting 14 days of daily rewards. These rewards tie into the new log in system for July. The other option the team is bringing to players is tokens. Tokens can now be saved up or used as needed. If you want to wait for that big dragon mount and save up your tokens, you can.

For those unfamiliar, there is also the Dino-Tamer class. This rugged hunter uses snares and ranged attacks. They also have pet abilities to help in a fight. With simple controls and a survivalist edge, this class is proven in the jungles and deserts. Porting the class over was easy with Trove’s player friendly controls, the console hand-helds work really well with the Dino-Tamer.

The expansion is also coming with loads of Dragons. Yes dragons for riding around and adding in the awe factor for your character. There will be a dragons to unlock or purchase. One of the packs offered is for a charity so you should definitely check that out. If dragons are not enough there are also going to be Dino invasions all over the place. Not just limited to the Jurassic zone, they will be happening everywhere in the game. If questing is more your speed there is a new quest chain coming with the new biome for players to explore.

Overall, the great news about the Megalithic update is players have loads of content and it catches the console players up to the PC gamers as well. The game is also launching French and German versions as well. This now give Trion the roadmap for Trove to move forward with all future expansions in unison. Speaking of future expansions the team hinted at the possibility of the Shadow Towers coming into play sometime in the future. We’ll just have to wait and see, but Trove is adding some fantastic material to their console platform


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