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Matt Higby on the World Domination Series

Jeffrey Lerman Posted:
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We Asked: What are your thoughts on rotating warpgates and resetting all territory to a neutral stance weekly?

What we took away from Higby: Higby let me know that they'd like for warpgates to be dynamically changing and even maybe make a way for people to achieve certain areas on each continent. But yes, they are going to make sure that they're consistently rotating the warpgates to allow for each empire to be on a fair playing ground. The second part of the question wasn't quite answered as we were on a short time constraint.

We Asked: A notable feature that's garnered a lot of attention would be to go back to the original PlanetSide's routes with global conquest and home continents. Do you have any thoughts on this?

What we took away from Higby: Surprise surprise, the question actually unveiled a bunch of information! A long term goal for PlanetSide 2 is to implement a form of global conquest as the original has. The whole shebang, home continents for empires, having to fight from continent to continent to attain territory. In order to get from continent to continent players may have to fight it out by battling through the planned continent Hossin or fight through a battle island. This makes it so everything is linked and would allow for a new twist on PlanetSide 2's gameplay.

So why aren't they leaping into releasing this right away since players want it? Their plans for global conquest are great and all, but its been an expensive procedure to make continents in their time working on PlanetSide 2. In order to have a global conquest system in place they need to have more continents for players to conquest! If you look at the original PlanetSide, they had 10 different continents, meanwhile PlanetSide 2 currently has three. Higby assured me that they're aiming for global conquest to be possible sometime in 2014 without saying anymore than that.

Now that we've gotten all of that out of the way, some other details worked their way into the conversation that weren't focused around a specific question. For example, Higby spoke about how they can encourage players to defend territory longer by making it so territory will be worth more points the longer they're held. Another topic was briefly about the different weekly challenges we can expect in the future. Currently the main objective for the pre-season has been the same every week focusing on conquering the most territory and/or the largest outposts for points. Higby shot out a few ideas like defender week in which defending certain territories are worth more points than capturing others. In which case you'd be encouraged to take over enemy territory so they don't get the benefit of defending territory for points and so forth. One other challenge mentioned was for there to be more concentration on specific continents each week.

The last big topic we dived into before finishing the call was the Anniversary Edition of the World Domination Series. The Anniversary Edition will run similar to the pre-season with certain changes. There will be different prices and the mechanics as a whole will be tweaked to allow for a better experience had by everyone. The Anniversary Edition is planned for late November with the full World Domination Series experience coming early 2014.


Exercises have concluded for the Preseason Challenge of the World Domination Series (WDS). After six weeks of relentless fighting across the war-torn world of Auraxis, only one Empire was left standing when the dust settled -- Vanu Sovereignty

As the other Empires attempt to rebuild to their former glory, preparations are being made for a special Anniversary Edition of the WDS this November. Celebrating a year at war, optimizations are being implemented to the WDS to facilitate an even playing field across all Empires.

More information on recent improvements to the WDS can be found here: https://players.planetside2.com/#!/world-domination-series. For additional info on the WDS, including preseason stats, please refer to the community letter from Luperza.

Also, check out the latest PlanetSide 2 infographic to see where your loyalty aligns, and feel free to tweet across the Twitter universe using the hashtag #PS2WDS.


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