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MapleStory 2 Post-Launch Interview with Lead Designer Miyoung Oh

Ralph Whitmore Posted:
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Now that MapleStory 2 has been out for a couple of weeks, we wanted to chat with the devs about some of the game's features and some of the challenges developing it. We caught up with Lead Game Designer Miyoung Oh to learn more about MS2. Read on!

Ralph Whitmore’s Questions

MMORPG: Seeing as how it was recently mentioned in your Producer’s Blog that you would be talking to the Development studio about the drop rates for dungeons and limits, is there anything that you can reveal to us about that at the moment or any changes that you all would want to see made?

Miyoung Oh: We had a very detailed discussion on how to improve this. The important thing is that we decided to do it! We are currently discussing the appropriate method according to the time and situation to provide this. The details will be gradually revealed through the Producer’s Blog.

MMORPG: Depending on if the dungeon limit sticks around, will there be an option to buy reset tickets from the in-game shop? Has this been considered?

Miyoung Oh: Both the dev team and Nexon America are having a very detailed discussion about it. Please wait a little more as it will be revealed soon!

MMORPG: Are there more plans for premium rewards than just the white potions?

Miyoung Oh: We are aware that many people aren't satisfied and will think of ways to offer better premium rewards.

MMORPG: As there have been amazing designs from players in game, has there been thought to adding different types of templates for players to create more intricate designs? More specifically weapon templates?

Miyoung Oh: I'm amazed at the diverse and great items being created in game and in the community! We have plans to provide more diverse templates. If players can let us know what templates they want, we will consider them positively!

MMORPG: Are there any dates to which we can expect the Striker class to release next year?

Miyoung Oh: We are discussing Striker's release plan with Nexon America. Please wait a little more as it won't be too far into the future!

MMORPG: What season events can we expect to see in game? Will there be any happening this year?

Miyoung Oh: Of course, we currently have an exciting Halloween event running! 

Kelley Kiwi’s questions

MMORPG: What is your favorite Content in MapleStory 2?

Miyoung Oh: It's hard to pick just one because there's a variety of content in MapleStory 2, but personally, my favorite is the world quest. The world quest could seem like common content you find in many MMORPGs, but there were no world quests during Closed Beta 1. They were added to Global MapleStory 2 after feedback from the testers. MapleStory 2's world quest was something we really wanted to add because it deals with the stories of the many NPCs in Maple World. The stories may seem trivial, but they are unique and some are very touching. It was great to see so many positive responses. 

After launch, I played the mini-games with other players (Dance Dance Stop, Spring Beach, and Maple OX Quiz) and really enjoyed them as a player. I didn't expect global players to enjoy the mini-games and have as much fun as as they did.

MMORPG: What is your favorite Class in MapleStory 2?

Miyoung Oh: Since I prefer caster jobs as a player, I like Priest and Wizard.

MMORPG: What has been the most rewarding, challenging and surprising experience for you as developers meeting the Western market, leading up to launch?

Miyoung Oh: The most rewarding experience would be creating better results by communicating with players and improving the game through the 2 closed betas, head start, and even at the very moment with the game launched.

The most surprising experience was meeting and communicating with the players and influencers during MapleStory Fest in April and MapleStory 2 Premiere Event in August of this year. I experienced firsthand that there are many players who are interested and passionate about the MapleStory IP and MapleStory 2 in the global server.

The most challenging experience was preparing the Oceania server, communicating with the players there, and confirming that there are also players who like and enjoy MapleStory 2.

MMORPG: Are you able to share how many players have reached Lv 50 in MapleStory 2 and what the most played class has been for Lv 50 players?

Miyoung Oh: Over 100,000 players have reached level 50 with the Berserker and Priest being the most popular class.

MMORPG: What is the most popular content players enjoy in MapleStory 2?

Miyoung Oh: There are various contents, but many have enjoyed character customization using the Maple Workshop and playing the mini-games. I have also enjoyed watching players in the community getting happy over capturing a rare pet.

MMORPG: Are you able to share any insight on how well Mushking was received by the community in its pre-season state?

Miyoung Oh: There was overall positive sentiment because players enjoyed new content that they didn't experience in other battle royale games or even in MapleStory 2's other contents. Additionally, giveaways were prepared for players that kept them engaged while waiting for the Official Launch. However, there were team queuing issues and other errors that we were able to learn and improve for the future.

MMORPG: Have the Season passes been well received?

Miyoung Oh: The majority of those who played Mushking Royale purchased the season pass, and I believe that motivated them to continue playing the game until Head Start.

MMORPG: Any updates on when Season One will start?

Miyoung Oh: That is still being discussed as we just had our official launch. The players will be the first to know when it's decided.

MMORPG: MapleStory 2 has so many incredible options to the point of being overwhelming, what would you consider must have items for those new to the game?

Miyoung Oh: There are many paid items that players can obtain from the Meret Market, but these are mostly convenience and vanity items. Any item can be purchased depending on player preference, but if you still want a recommendation, you should purchase a Premium Club Pass to get adjusted to MapleStory 2. It offers a variety of benefits including unlimited use of the Rotor Walkie-Talkie, which lets you fly anywhere.

MMORPG: I love to visit other builds but find it an inconvenience to always have to go in and see if it is an actual build instead of just being a trophy house.

Miyoung Oh: You can visit houses that receive high recommendations from other players via the Star Architect leaderboard. But because high functioning houses are hot at the moment (with portals to main towns, etc), well thought out trophy houses do tend to rank higher though. World Chats and Super Chats do offer the feature for nicely decorated house makers to promote visits, but we do feel there's no easy way to sort these types of houses easily yet. We'll consider if there's other ways that we can offer this in the future.

MMORPG: Is it possible to separate trophy houses from the rest?

Miyoung Oh: We don't have plans at the moment, but we do hope that many houses with various functions and ideas be made, not just trophy houses.

MMORPG: I am in love with so many of the NPC looks ie Aisha from Heavy Gunner tutorial, will these looks ever become available in the future including hair, make up etc?

Miyoung Oh: You fell in love with Aisha! If players want cosmetic items to make them look like Aisha, we will review adding them. =)

MMORPG: Will MapleStory 2 merchandise become available to the Western market?

Miyoung Oh: We want to provide high quality MapleStory 2 merchandise for all of you, and will announce when the details are decided.

MMORPG: I admit I am not adapting as well as I would like to Keyboard and Mouse which is my preference over console. Are there any future developments on the current Keyboard & Mouse system coming soon?

Miyoung Oh: We are going through many trials and errors developing Mouse and Keyboard because MapleStory 2 was initially developed as keyboard only. Mouse and Keyboard is in BETA and it's still being improved.

MMORPG: Will MapleStory 2 become available on Nintendo Switch?

Miyoung Oh: It would be nice to release it on Nintendo Switch. Nothing has been decided since we're in the early phase of launch, but we will let you know if there is good news!


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