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Making the Move to PS4

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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This past week we spoke with Andrew Krausnick, the game director on Trove. Trion had announced that the game will be making the port over to the PS4 within the next few months so we wanted to chat with Andrew and get a solid idea of what that process is like. So many MMOs have seen success in the console market and Trove has already been a huge hit on the PC.

Andrew was excited to mention that Trove will see a fresh start on the PS4. A new world will launch for players to begin their journeys again and it keeps everyone on an equal playing field.

Sony is learning the value of the free-to-play games in their store so players will not hit any hurdles when it comes time to log into the game. As Trove has always hosted a very fun cash store, things should not change much for players.

Andrew also pointed out that the game will work very well with the controller on the console. Many PC players are so used to their mouse and keyboard design that they sometimes have an awkward leap over to the couch and their TVs. However, Trove lends itself strongly to controller play and the team expects players to really enjoy the action combat in the game without any difficulties.

The port for consoles is on schedule, even though Andrew could not give us an exact date yet. They are currently working on elements in the PC game which will go out into the console version after it launches. They want to be able to sync up all three systems easily so updates and expansions are not delayed for the community. They don’t want anyone falling behind because of the device they play on. This way when the team plans big expansions and updates they can go out across the board.

We asked if there were any limitations that the team experienced when planning the move? Andrew explained that there was almost nothing the team had to hold back on. The User Interface and controller has been working very well with Trove and they have yet to hit any major differences. There are always the minor tweaks and fixes that you have to make, but overall the game has been in a smooth transition.

For fans of the game the development team is working a lot of story within the game world. They want to do more to bring story to the forefront and give players a fun narrative and adventure. They are also looking at ways for players to create their own quests as well. They want creators to be able to write story in the game which can be used by the characters.

Overall the work on Trove has been going very smooth and the team continues to stay on track. There will be one or two updates before the console launch which we will keep you posted on. For now, just stay on track and we’ll bring you all the coverage on the game’s big leap to your TV screens. Maybe you will even get our famous Murphataur one day on the console as a mount! 


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