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Lineage II: Revolution Twitchcon 2017

David Holmes Posted:
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Lineage II: Revolution is a MMO game developed for mobile gaming. It has been fairly popular overseas and is now set to hit the US. At Twitchcon I had an opportunity to sit down and talk with Lydia Heitman (Marketing Manager for Netmarble Games) about Lineage II: Revolution.

Lydia: The main focus of the game is the Castle Siege and Fortress Siege. We are going to launch with Fortress Siege which is 30v30. It's all console quality, it all takes place 100 years before the Lineage. It keeps it within the lore but it opens it up to more. The next expansion will have 50v50, it will have clan wars. You'll be able to play with up to 100 people, you can recruit up to 50 people for your Clan. You can friendly battles, castle sieges, become king of the castle and that sort of thing. We've gotten rid of some of the auto play functionality which a lot of the western players want to feel like they've earned it.

You don't get the character creation of something like Black Desert Online, but at the same time you're getting these graphics that are pretty unmatched on your phone. 

MMORPG: The thirty on thirty aspect of the game for mobile gaming is pretty big, are there other plans for things like this in the game?

Lydia: Down the road we would like to introduce 3v3 and 5v5, what we think western players would want.

MMORPG: The sieges are the big things, but are there quests and such that you would expect in an MMO?

Lydia: Yes, you start out in the docks and there are you typical MMO type quests, go find this, go kill this. You can auto quests those, the only things that have changed is that you can't auto quests the Dungeons. You do have to play with other players to do those. We really want to encourage people grouping together to do dungeons. You can level up pretty fast with the grindy auto quests. 

MMORPG: So, besides the questing aspect, what other features are there you would expect from an MMO?

Lydia: We have all types of armors and weapons, tons of different mounts. Once you hit level 75 you can get gold plated mounts and such. Each race has their basic class and eventually you can choose a subclass with different skills.

As someone who comes from an MMO background, I really appreciate several of the things Lineage II: Revolution does. I can auto quest or I can take my time and do the quests myself and explore the area, enjoy the scenery.

MMORPG: What's the general timeframe of most Sieges?

Lydia: Usually around fifteen minutes, depending on the teams and such.

MMORPG: Is there any crafting?

Lydia: It's minimal crafting. There are crafting elements, but not as much as you would see in some MMOS. More of a one and you're done.

MMORPG: You have PvP content, Dungeons, but will there be raids and such?

Lydia: There are boss battle Dungeons that you want to go in with a great team.  

Following the interview, I had a chance to participate in one of the thirty versus thirty Fortress sieges. It took me a second to get used to the class I was using, but after that it was all smooth sailing. I was talking the people next to me and we were coordinating attacks on the other side. The mage I was playing felt like a mage I would play in an MMO except on a phone. It was interesting to see so many people all on screen as we battled over points all on a mobile phone. I enjoyed my time in the battle and am looking forward to Lineage II: Revolution's release on November 15th.  You can find it on IOS and Android.

Disclosure: BrandedWolf was awarded a special hoodie for participating on the winning team. 


David Holmes