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Lex Luthor & NY Comic Con Q&A

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With yesterday’s official “reveal” of Lex Luthor, I shot over some quick questions about the bald-headed villain to DCUO’s Game Director, Chris Cao. Chris divulges on Lex’s motives in the game, and shares with us some good teaser information about what the team plans to unveil at this year’s NY Comic-Con. Read on to find out more.


Lex Luthor is easily one of DC Universe’s biggest villains. As we’ve seen in the trailer, he’ll be playing a big part in the storyline. But how will players know him on a personal level, whether they’re good or bad?

Chris Cao:

Everyone knows that Lex is two-faced, but in DCUO, it’s literally true. There are two Lex Luthors. The one featured in the opening cinematic is the Lex from an alternate future where everyone but Lex has been absorbed by Brainiac’s exobytes. The other Lex is the one from the game’s current timeline. He’s the same shrewd businessman and nemesis of Superman that DC fans know and love.

The cinematic is rightly titled, ‘Who Do You Trust?’ That is the question that will surround the opening story of the game. Future Lex brought possible salvation back through time by stealing the exobytes and dispersing super powers to the population of earth. Present Lex seizes this opportunity and seeks to turn these new super-powered characters to his own advantage. Meta villain characters will be able to choose present Lex as their mentor and experience the story from his perspective.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what those players uncover!


Lex is almost “The Big Hero” of the DC Universe Online storyline. I mean we know it’s him who pretty much caused the danger the Universe is facing from Brainiac, but that doesn’t change the fact that he went back in time to warn everyone. Does he have his own selfish interests still at heart, or is Lex starting to show some true humanitarian ideals in DCUO?

Chris Cao:

It’s no surprise that Lex is claiming to be earth’s savior. He’s cast himself in that role many, many times. And, yes, he did bring possible salvation back with him. So perhaps he has indeed had a change of heart.

Then again, we also have to ask why we see him talking to Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman instead of...closer kin.


With the notion that players can choose sides between villain and hero in the game, how is the team making sure that both sides have distinctive flavors and don’t just come off as “good guys pretending to be bad”? We know that players will be fighting together against Brainiac, but how will both sides be designed to feel like real competitors?

Chris Cao:

There’s no pretending. Villains in DCUO are bad. But there a lot of different ways to do wrong. The very first episodes that new villains will play involve blowing up cop cars, turning helpless citizens into demons, or infecting hapless college students with a Parasite contagion.

In DCUO, it’s fun to be bad.


Lastly, the New York Comic-Con is coming up right around the corner. You lads and lasses weren’t at PAX Prime, and things have been pretty quiet lately… can we expect any surprises and details from the last big Comic-Con of the year?

Chris Cao:

We have a lot planned for New York Comic Con this year! First of all, we are doing a panel at the Con, “DC Universe™ Online Creating the Next Legend” which is going to be a big reveal, of never before seen footage of our Character Create system. And, we also are having our NYCC Fan Event on Saturday October 9, right when the show floor closes from 6:30PM – 9:00PM ET in RM 1B01. Fans will be able meet some of our development team members and participate in a Q&A with the team and Jim Lee, we are also going to have a hands-on demo of our current Beta for attendees to playtest during the event. Oh, and did we mention, that everyone who attends the Fan Event is going to walk away with a DCUO VIP Beta Key! So, hopefully, we will see you there. But, if you can’t make the panel or the Fan Event we are also hosting a hands-on demo of the game at the DC Comics booth, Booth #2243. Stop by and let us know what you think, hope to see you there!


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