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Legends Return in 4.5 with New Progression Servers & Dragons!

Kelley Kiwi Posted:
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Long awaited news from Trion Worlds and XL Games is finally here and we caught up with Merv "Khrolan" Lee Kwai (Senior Producer) and Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan (Associate Producer) to hear all about it!

ArcheAge: Legends Return - the 4.5 update arrives on April 5th! That's right, in less than a month we will see new Dragon mounts and two new progression servers plus loads more!


Dragon mounts, you ask? Dragon mounts aren’t new but wait and see what kind of dragons! With 4.5 dragons can be raised and used as battle mounts and not just any old dragons. You have three glorious choices with their own style and damage!


Get ready to take on the Red Dragon and work with Daru Clergyman to gain what you need to raise your baby dragon that can also be outfitted with armor. These mounts are huge and yes they fly! ArcheAge’s first actual flying mount! What's also exciting is you will have to maintain them every 30 days to ensure you earn the respect to keep any of these majestic beast.


Honestly the amount of information Khrolan and Seraphina divulged was intense, I wasn't prepared especially after my brain went into overdrive with the quality of life features that include destruction removal on crafted items.

Yes you read right, destruction removal on crafted items that comes with some strategic consideration I look forward to receiving more details on with you.

Continuing on the crafting front we went over a much needed UI update allowing crafting requests. Using this UI that you’ll find at the Community Center, you will be able transfer items safely when needing someone to craft your weapon for you saving anyone stealing any of your materials.


Legends Return introduces Shadow Invasions, new rift events that give players some great rewards, like rare materials, Gilda Stars, and more!

4.5 also welcomes Battle Balance which is an absolute overhaul of all skillsets shaking up the current games meta. Along with these balance updates 1v1 duelist's receive  Bruisers Badges so players can duel as much as they want!


NA - Nui EU - Ezi

Chase players rejoice! Two new servers are coming with time locked content that return to the original state of the game and a level 50 cap. Remember those skillsets and those days? This server is free to play but restrictions will be in place to ensure players are on an even footing at launch. Gear progress will also be restricted over several months, giving everyone the chance to reach the cap before it increases and no their will be no Dwarf or Warborn at launch.


On April 5th players will be able to login and create free accounts or you’ll be able to purchase a pack including one that is only $9.99 which allows access to the name generator and character appearance 3 weeks prior.

ArcheAge: Legends Return 4.5 update is jam packed  but the feature that catches my eye most is the new servers. I find it interesting that Trion Worlds have released a subscription server with their Rift title. As the publisher it is unfortunate they were not able to persuade a subscription model to the developers but the more I was reminded about level 50 skillsets and content the more I could not help but get excited.

The main questions are, how many phases are there and over how long? If details are as well thought out as these ones are for the first two phases I cannot wait to appreciate the complete schedule with you.

Thank you Khrolan and Celestrata for your time and all the best with 4.5.


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