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MMORPG: In War of the Immortals can you tell us about the world of Motenia? How do players interact with the world itself?

Thang Phan: Motenia is the main planet in War of the Immortals filled with vast landscapes and diverse environments. Players will traverse through each world by overcoming challenging obstacles such as world PvP. In search for honor and glory, they will also encounter fierce monsters, as well as the evil forces of Loki, who are waging a war to take over Motenia.  

MMORPG: Players look to strive to become demi-gods, what is this like in game terms? How does a player go about this wild journey?

Thang Phan: Scenario quests allow players to progress through the storyline and ultimately become demi -gods to stop Loki’s evil forces. Achieving demi-god status unlocks the next set of story quest lines and an additional pet mode called fusion, which will bond the user to his or her companion. A player will reach this state naturally while progressing through the game.

MMORPG: There are eight listed classes for the game can you give us a run down and what each one specializes in?

Thang Phan: Berzerkers (melee DPS) are always ready to charge into battle and meet their enemies with brutal force and destruction. Their emphasis on melee damage and mobility, along with their ability to snare and close-in on their enemies make them natural born destroyers.

Champions (tank) specialize in abilities to control the battlefield by taunting their foes and strengthening their defenses. Champions are invaluable in any party as they will always be the first to engage the enemy and the last one to leave.

Heretics (healer) harness the divine powers of light and the destructive nature of darkness to deal a respectable amount of damage. They are able to heal themselves and their party members at the same time.  

Magus (magical DPS) master the mystical arts of both arcane and elemental forces. They are the masters of crowd control and snaring, while controlling the battlefield as they see fit. Many of their powers include AoE (Area of Effect) skills, which allow them to battle many opponents at a time.

Slayers (melee DPS) are adept in the art of precision and accuracy. Through their knowledge and fighting style, they carry both a balanced physical and magical offense and are able to inflict heavy damage in a short period of time.

Enchantress (support) uses her specialized weapon, a harpsichord, to weave songs of both courage and destruction. She is definitely a valuable party member that is capable of buffing her allies’ offensive and defensive capabilities, while debuffing monsters.  

Duelists (control DPS) are capable of dealing a high amount of damage while debuffing the enemy. Skilled in both the sword and the inner workings of dark magic, the duelist is highly versatile and difficult to isolate and kill.

Rangers (ranged DPS) are extremely proficient at dealing massive amounts of damage from long range with guile and precision. With AoE traps and skills to aid them in combat, they play a vital role as the tactician and strategist.  With their ability, a team’s overall combat effectiveness will increase dramatically. 

MMORPG: How does the soul gear work? Is gear bound to your character in a certain way?

Thang Phan: Soul gear is a unique set of gear that is distinguished by class and level milestone. It can be obtained at levels 60, 75, 90 and 105. These gears are PVP oriented and can produce a destructive amount of force.  Players have many ways to customize their equipment and upgrade each piece of soul gear to evolve with them, including natural attributes, bonuses, and even special gems.

MMORPG: How do characters use the pet system in the game? What do players gain from using pets in the game?

Thang Phan: War of the Immortals offers a unique and robust pet system. Almost any monster you encounter can potentially become a pet! As you slash your way through fearsome monsters, they have a chance to drop themselves as a pet egg for players to simply capture. Pets essentially become a valuable second player that fights alongside you. They can output enormous amounts of damage and have their own unique skills to contribute to any given situation. Depending on the roles you want your pet to take; it can be molded to fit that purpose.

MMORPG: Tell us about the interaction with the game’s environment. How do players impact the dungeons in the game?

Thang Phan: During the game’s creation, we wanted to add another layer of interaction by giving players more of an immersive experience. In the dungeons, players can look forward to dodging dangerous objects hurdling at them to key dungeon triggers that can greatly increase their chances of success.  It will be up to the player to interact with them in the appropriate way. 

MMORPG: What plans are there for War of the Immortals in 2012?

Thang Phan: We are constantly looking for ways to create new content and keep our players entertained with exciting features. There’s always potential for new classes, new instances, and items to come. In fact, we already have some new content in the pipeline so keep your characters ready! Also check out our website for the most current news, updates, tips and events at http://woi.perfectworld.com/.


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