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William Murphy Posted:
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MMORPG: The Age of Wushu launch is coming up. How are the final days going as you prepare?

Hao Han: In the past few weeks our team, especially the localization team, has been working very hard on polishing the English version of Age of Wushu. Our operations team is also making adjustments on gameplay, functions, and UI to make the game better cater to North American players. We are going to offer new featured gameplay like single-player Twilight Village. Players will see more exciting features coming soon.  

MMORPG.com: What are some of the lessons learned in Beta that you were able to implement at launch?

Hao Han: During the closed beta period, we learned to continuously adjust skills in-game, and redefine the values of variant Kung Fu. Since Age of Wushu involves many different skills and no strict character levels, we can only conclude the power of skills via player experiences. In this way, we have learned quite a lot about all the skills involved. Of course, we have also identified and fixed many bugs and modified inappropriate game rules.

MMORPG.com: Age of Wushu has some amazing unique features. What is something about the game that you really feel sets it apart from other MMOs?

Hao Han: Our original no-level, no-class system is the number one feature of Age of Wushu. In-game, players can work, open a shop, or even become an NPC when they go offline. This means that players can influence the game world even when they are away from the game. That is another unique feature of our game.

MMORPG.com: What were some of the hurdles you hit while making the transition from Beta to Launch?

Hao Han: During Age of Wushu Closed Beta, many players entered the game and gave us a lot of feedbacks. We are always trying our best to provide a more stable, better game environment for our players. The huge number of players placed a lot pressure on us, but our customer support team has solved many of those problems and is optimizing our servers. We continue communicating with players and providing better versions based on their feedback.

MMORPG.com: Is there a message for players you are really excited about when it comes to launching the game?   

Hao Han: Of course! We added in a brand-new Kung Fu story to the game - just for American players - so they may enjoy unique content within the game’s single-player story mode. Through players’suggestions in testing, we adjusted and localized much of the game content. Additionally, we prepared a special Grand Gift Pack for every player. For more information see the Early Bird Giveaway Event on our Official Website.

MMORPG.com: What are some of your favorite aspects of martial arts that you feel the game captures perfectly?

Hao Han: I believe Jianghu Relations and Wushu Skills best capture the Wuxia Culture. We did not pre-set any alliances in the game, so animosity between players is naturally created through gameplay. Wushu Skills do not follow the Western Warrior-Priest-Mage structure, but more closely adhere to Eastern Combat principles that focus on skill restraint and guesswork. The game does not have levels or classes. We hope players will become active participants of battles and feel engaged in the process. Age of Wushu also provides thousands of skills for players to choose from. Each Set includes Overt, Feint, and Block moves. Players may also choose the Internal Skills with different attributes. All these combine together to form unlimited ways to battle. Each set of skills is a unique battle method.

MMORPG.com: How do the next few months look in terms of development? Do you have your first game updates planned?

Hao Han: The Age of Wushu Project Development Team continues to design and add new gameplay; our Localization Team in the US is also working hard to provide a version to best fit American players. The next expansion for America is a combination of two versions from China (Mount Hua Competition and School Supreme Skills). In addition, the China Project Development Team is developing an even bigger expansion that includes brand new gameplay – Jianghu Factions. Players may join Jianghu Factions and experience brand new gameplay - different from the original Eight Major Schools.


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