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It's an MMO, RPG and FPS All Rolled Into One

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Shadowgun Legends is an up and coming MMO RPG FPS title from Madfinger Games that seeks to draw in hardened PC veterans with its game play, features list and the company’s long term commitment to it. We had a chance to talk to Mazen Sukkar, producer of Shadowgun Legends to learn more.

MMORPG: Please give us the thumbnail sketch of the game. What genre(s) does it fit into; main features, etc.

Mazen Sukkar: Legends is the successor to the hit games Shadowgun, and Shadowgun: Deadzone.

To throw acronyms at it, it’s a MMO RPG FPS. We have a fully formed single player experience, ranked PVP, Co-op raids, with a so far unparalleled social experience to boot. Legends isn't about playing a soulless faceless hero, you'll be able to customize your character and gear in a multitude of ways, be and act like the kick ass hero you've always wanted to be.

MMORPG: The original Shadowgun came out years ago. What ties does Shadowgun Legends have to it other than the name? Will players find references to the original or Easter eggs?

MS: Legends is set a number of decades after the original game, the Shadowguns have expanded as have the problems they're being called in to deal with. Fans won't have to worry as a few favorites from OG Shadowgun will be back, as will some of that arsenal, new fans should be set for a roller coaster ride as we'll bring them quickly up to speed on our enlarged Shadowgun Universe. Throughout many of the missions there will be oblique references to other games and films, keep your eyes peeled!

MMORPG: First off, why mobile to begin with as opposed to console or PC? It seems like this would be right at home on console and PC.

MS: It would be, Madfinger have our roots in AAA games and a proud tradition of bucking the trend with mobile games that are good.

A great proportion of the team come from a AAA/console dev background. We are bringing the same standards and practices. Legends isn’t a AAA mobile game, it’s a AAA game on mobile.

We aren't ruling out a move to other formats after launch - we are ‘Made with Unity’ after all, but right now our priority is solely on handheld.

MMORPG: How is SGL different than other mobile games? What makes it stand out aside from the visuals?

MS: The team care deeply about making sure the gameplay excels itself. We truly believe F2P should mean 'Fun 2 Play' over everything else. Yes, there will be IAP's and advertising but these will be player friendly and world appropriate; no energy gates, no pay to win, and no bloody interstitial ads every 3 screens. This care and attention to detail is applied over the whole game; there has been a lot of research put in.

MMORPG: How do you plan to "sell" the game to people who wouldn't ordinarily play a mobile title or take it seriously?

MS: I don't know if it is possible to sell our game to someone who has that kind of attitude to games. They should ride home on their penny farthing to listen to vinyl beats and break out their Atari for fun.

For everyone else I'd reiterate it's a team of dedicated passionate developers who have a lineage of mainstream titles behind them (Hidden and Dangerous, Arkham City, House of the Dead, Mafia Series, Red Dead Redemption 2) coming together to make an amazing game. We have the talent, we have the tools, and we nearly have the game.

We are also developing a few very unique mechanics, but I can't talk about them just yet.

MMORPG: What features do you believe will draw in shooter / MMO / coop players?

MS: Our solid single player campaign, our perfect PVP, and co-op raids. That trifecta of awesome, and we are the only ones brave enough to do it on mobile.

Legends customization options will also let players be the Shadowgun he or she has always craved.

MMORPG: Given that mobile games are often quite short-lived, how do you plan to support SGL going forward? Expansions? DLC? Do you have a long term vision for the game?

MS: Madfinger are known for our long term support; we don't rush a game out then stop creating content. Our exact level of support will depend on our players and the direction they'd like us to take the Shadowgun Universe. Personally I'd love to see another single player campaign, more PVP maps and modes, introduce another set of raids, and roll out a tournament system. Not mention the updated armors, weapons, and cosmetic items I want to kick ass in. I want it all.

MMORPG: Are there any plans for eSports, like the success of Clash Royale in that venue?

MS: Course we're interested in Legends becoming an eSports friendly title, it's going to be a case of building the community first. We want to ensure the base is solid before expanding out to eSports and a proper tournament system. It will be a thing of beauty to see Shadowgun Clans becoming eSport celebrities.

MMORPG: Please add any other information you wish!

MS: Fans can catch up with us on our bi-weekly Legend streams at or join us in our Discord and Reddit. We are all fairly active on them if you want to know more.

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