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Invasion of the Pirates Interview

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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MMORPG.COM: How has Conquer Online grown over the past year? What aspects are players really enjoying?

CONQUER ONLINE: 2011 has been a great and remarkable year for Conquer Online.  Both the registered users and average player online time has increased by 30%. With 8 years behind us, there are lots of memories and contents that all go into what makes Conquer so popular. Player vs Player combat is the key pillar that everyone points to as our biggest asset. We are trying to make Conquer a fast-paced and exciting action packed PvP game, just like Diablo and DOTA. Players can experience thrilling real-time combats without investing excessive amounts of time. In the past year, we’ve continued working on this and released several brand new PK competitions, such as Flag Capture Contest, Team PK Tournament, Mounted PK Tournament.  We also held grand inter-server PK contests to let elite players from 65 different servers to compete with their counterparts on a same platform, which is really exciting. Currently, the game has over 15 different PK competitions. Players can choose from a wide variety of class options as well as pvp contests and enjoy the endless fun of exciting PKing and receive bountiful rewards. Of course, other game features like the equipment system and the BOSS quests are also our players’ favorites.

MMORPG.COM: How has planning been for the Pirate Invasion?

CONQUER ONLINE: Everything is set! The Pirate expansion is ready and will be launched on Jan. 11th, 2012. Conquer has turned into a new chapter. With the appearance of the Pirate class, Conquer’s verterans are facing off a never-considered threat. The expansion will introduce a brand new map, new monsters, new quests and most importantly, the new Pirate class, which offers an entirely new play style with the all-new set of weapons and powerful pirate skills as well as brand new class rebirth combos. The conflicts among classes will be raised to a higher level. Pirate is not like Monk. They are here not to defend but to disturb the peace. These vicious barbarians are evil not just in style but also in actions - they only get half PK points when killing the enemies while the chance they have to loot and plunder their enemies’ super drops is rather high! You may think this is unfair, well let me tell you, that’s not true because all the classes will receive the same attributes when battling with a Pirate. Less pvp limits brings more pvp fun.   

MMORPG.COM: When detailing a scenario like pirates, what was the favorite part to build for your team?

CONQUER ONLINE: My favorite part is the combo skills of Rapier and Pistol. This is kind of a special gift for players who are more interested in advanced skill operations. Pirate is a class specialized in both melee and ranged attack. Players will be thrilled when they get the chance to experience the super cool successive abilities.

MMORPG.COM: How will players be impacted by the expansion?

CONQUER ONLINE: The expansion has been prepared and worked on for quite a long time as we are always looking at ways to deliver improved and interesting content to our fans. The new class will have major impact on the game, particularly for higher level players and active PvP-ers since now they are having a new class option, which might change their strategies of PvP. We are talking about major impacts on 1v.s1 PvP combats as well as new class and skill combinations in group v.s group or even the guild vs guild combats. Players will be attracted to the new implementation. It's been wonderful seeing the new mechanic work as intended, and giving more players a chance to contend in the PvP world. We also believe the expansion has made the community more enthusiastic about conquering new challenges - not just mastering new skills or getting new equipments, but also in working with us, the Conquer team, to balance game mechanics.  It's a very exciting time for everyone, and a particularly good opportunity for our team to increase our communication with players.

MMORPG.COM: What can players expect to find in the game that has the pirate feel to it?

CONQUER ONLINE: As avaricious and villainous, Pirates undoubtedly will become the most notorious character perceived by the players in the world of Conquer. Players can easily have the feeling once the Pirates appear, their skills, characteristics, outfits, and most importantly, their sets of equipment. Besides, the Pirates is the very first class we design for both long distance fight and close counter combat. By doing so, it requires more energy and skills for the players to master and figure out a perfect 1-2 punch or combo for them to annihilate the opponents, and fight to the maximum potential! What’s more, the outfits for the Pirates are uniquely different from other classes. Only the Captain will dress flamboyantly, every Pirate needs to dress like a sailor or a scoundrel from the very beginning, until their power grows bigger enough! In the end, as mentioned, this class will definitely be a most powerful, villainous and greediest class of all time!

MMORPG.COM: How is the game shaping up for 2012? What plans does the team have?

CONQUER ONLINE: In 2012, there will be some major changes for the game. First off, new style of PK will be put forth in Client-based version, perhaps it would be about the battle between groups or countries, or the Ninja-vs-Pirates theme, which has been a heated debate since it came out in 2003. But there’s no question about the centerpiece of our game, we’ll profoundly stick to the PvP system. Apart from that, in 2011 the Conquer Online has already made debut on Macintosh OS X, iOS(specifically iPad), and Facebook. We are planning to bring our game to every corner of the world to make gamers enjoy their time playing. What’s more, I got a whole new idea, which will shake up the whole landscape for the Conquer world, and it would be meaningful for thousands of the players in CO community, and the idea is that a whole new version of Conquer will be presented in front of our eyes.  It aims to bring all new players and veterans together to fulfill their dreams in this epic world. All is new, the new textures, new character systems, new ecosystem, absolutely balanced, but expect for one, the centerpiece is still the same, PvP system will remain.

MMORPG.COM: What is your hope from the fans for the pirate invasion? How do you think they will react?  

CONQUER ONLINE: My hope is that the players will be fond of this new class, get to know of this most legendary class in the West. More importantly, I’m hopeful that the players will experience the conflict originated from the different cultures in East and the Western world. I also expect there will be more discussions surrounding this class, as well as more interactions between players.

MMORPG.COM: Can you tell us a little bit about the origins of Pirates?

CONQUER ONLINE: A great majority of players have dreamt about the Pirates in the ancient world of Conquer many years ago. As a fantasy MMORPG set in ancient China, the classes introduced to the players are engulfed in the Eastern culture. You can see Taoist, Warriors, Trojans, Archers and also the late introduced Ninjas and Monks, they have one thing in common, they are all from the East. But what will happen when the Eastern powerhouses encounter the Western Legends? That is a long awaited scene lots of players want to witness. Not just that, Ninjas versus Pirates, a Western privateer, an Eastern assassin, who has more power? I’d very like to answer that question in the world of Conquer!


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