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How My.com Will Make it Work for the West

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Revelation Online aims to set a new standard in the MMO space with aerial combat and the ability to hunt and tame mounts throughout the game. We caught up to Producer Fabien Alexandre to learn more about a game that has a lot of people sitting up to take notice.

MMORPG: For those who are just learning about Revelation, can you give us a brief overview of the game’s story?

Fabien Alexandre: At the heart of the game, our young heroes will learn to spread their wings and unravel a legendary myth about a mysterious artifact in the lively, vibrant world of Nuanor. Players will go through many main story chapters and hours of additional storylines and side questlines. Jiang Nan, a popular best-selling Chinese fantasy author, is the creator of the history of Nuanor. We recently released a little bit more about the history of the world in a trailer.

In addition to the main storyline that we can build the world on, we made sure that the myths and legends are represented in-game through dialogue and cut scenes. We will reveal more of the story when we get closer to Beta.

MMORPG: What makes Revelation stand out from the pack of fantasy Eastern MMORPGs?

FA: For us, it was the freedom provided by flying while playing and the quality of the content that made it stand out. The story driven content ensures we skip the usual grind of the typical RPG, and the game’s diverse group quests and dungeons keep the gameplay fun and interesting. We think that the current offering of content quality is on par with the expectation of players from the west. NetEase has learned a lot from the players of the Western games they publish in China and have applied that knowledge when creating content for Revelation.

MMORPG: What would you say is the biggest hurdle towards getting this game accepted by players in the West?

FA: In all honesty, its aesthetics – the classes are fun to play, the world is gorgeous, and the gameplay has great depth. It is clearly a product influenced by Western MMO’s, but it’s based on Asian lore and design, which unfortunately has a polarizing effect on the audience. We are convinced that once people dive in, they see how it distances itself from some titles that gave Eastern games its reputation.

MMORPG: Have you decided on a revenue model yet? What factors are going into your decision, given the current MMO landscape?

FA: You are right; this is an important topic to talk about. Unfortunately at this point in time we are not ready to reveal more information. I can disclose that a subscription based model is not being considered.

MMORPG: When can players expect to see an alpha, beta, or otherwise? With the game already out and playable in other languages, will there be an NDA?

FA: We are hard at work on getting the game ready for its friend and family tests. Soon after that, we will go into Closed Beta with the English version in the fall of 2016.

MMORPG: Revelation, at one point, becomes an open PVP game, correct? Given the west’s desire for pure PVE servers, will this be an option in your published version?

FA: Peaceful players can just completely opt out of the system, as we designed it to be completely optional. Players can only participate in the open world PvP from level 40 onwards, which is in place to protect lower level characters. A few zones are also excluded from the system, in order to make it feel like a true open world system, but still providing some safe havens at the same time. With that in mind, we are not planning on servers that specifically exclude the system altogether.

MMORPG: Most Eastern games seem to have gender locked classes. Is that the case with Revelation?

FA: This is one of those points where the developers understand the Western take on this. Character Creation is not truly character creation if you are limited to gender for your favorite class. Revelation Online breaks from this trope by giving you back that freedom and none of the classes is bound to gender.

MMORPG: Can you go over the classes, and what makes them unique? Will there be a trinity of healer/tank/dps?

FA: The game uses classic roles, but in Revelation, your progression is open to very interesting experimentation. For instance, with the Occultist class, who is in it’s a core a de-buffer and ranged damage dealer, will get the option to advance towards a more support healing role.

MMORPG: What about PVP? There are loads of different kinds. Can you explain them, and specifically detail how sieges work and how they play into the elder game?

FA: Since PvP was designed to be no less important experience in the game than PvE, there will be a lot of exciting end-game PvP modes and activities. These modes and activities include: battlegrounds, arena seasons, special PvPvE zones, etc. We expect players will love the chaotic massive castle sieges you highlighted, or will like to organize in Guilds and construct their own fortresses, challenging the best Guilds from other servers.

MMORPG: When the game comes West, how closely will it resemble Revelation as it is in other regions now? How far behind will EU and NA be?

FA: My.com is not only publishing the game, but also actively supporting NetEase with the development of the Western version of Revelation. Both parties are very aware that players don’t expect the same things globally. Simply put, we will lag behind. At launch, the game will be feature complete, but the localization and testing of the new content will last several months.

MMORPG: Lastly, is there anything you want to tell your fans, who are eagerly awaiting the game’s beta and launch?

FA: I am just very excited to get responses from our players on the game once they will be able to dive into the Beta. We are hard at work to get this game into your hands, so hopefully you will stay tuned! Stay informed through our sign up website right here.


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