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How Edge of the Mists Adds Flavor and Choice to WvW

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Guild Wars 2 adds another place for players to clash with the arrival of Edge of the Mists on Tuesday. We had the chance to chat with Devon Carver about the new content, as well as what players might be able to expect once they can set foot on the new map. Read on for what you need to know before the February 4th launch.

First, let’s talk about queues. At best, we begrudgingly accept their presence in online gaming as part of the package. At worst, we figuratively tear our hair out sometimes in frustration. When Guild Wars 2 initially launched with overflow servers instead of login queues, many felt that it was a creative compromise (even though there were some clear downsides, like initially being unable to guarantee getting in the same overflow as your friends). Yet, WvW didn’t have a similar backup plan. Fast forward to now and ArenaNet is addressing WvW queues in a big way with the new update.

You’ll notice some UI changes that are intended to simplify and give players a more transparent idea of just what the queue situation is like at the time they want to get into WvW. Pick any of the existing maps and you’ll be able to see how many are waiting already, which would give you some of an idea of just how long your wait might be. If Eternal Battlegrounds is particularly popular one night, you’ll be able to see exactly how popular. Once you queue, your number in line will be displayed (feedback from testers determined this system), so you and your friends can go about other activities in the meantime should you wish. The end to the mystery of queues is a small group of changes but one that should let players max their game time without worrying that their queue will pop out of the blue while in the middle of something else.


Central to the update is, of course, the new Edge of the Mists map. Should you be more of a PvPer and the idea of waiting out queue numbers on your screen while taking on PvE content doesn’t seem like it’s for you, the new map certainly should be. Edge of the Mists lets you compete and earn rewards and even ranks (as well as its own set of achievements!) while competing in WvW in an overflow location. This map will still be a waiting area of sorts, but it will also present much of its own challenges to take on. Since the scores don’t carry forward to your actual WvW challenge once you’re in your final destination, the Edge of the Mists map presented both developers (and will present players) the ability to take some risks and try something new.

The new map's arrival is significant, since it means players will be able to get in and play whenever they want. “This gives us the opportunity to do things to WvW that we might have been hesitant to do before, because we're worried about the fact that a lot of people wouldn't get to see it.”He spoke of the initial player frustration with long queues for WvW at launch, and the continued queues at times that frustrated some players.

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