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How Does a Racing MMO Work?

William Murphy Posted:
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MMORPG.com: The locations look fantastic. How did the team go about making sure they looked as close as possible to the real thing?

Andy Tudor: The team visited and spent extensive time in each World of Speed track location. Not only did this allow our scouts the time needed to cover the large geography of each location but it also allowed them to soak up the atmosphere and beauty of each city/vista. For example, we’re able to successfully incorporate back alleys of cities into the game as shortcuts in the respective tracks. So it's really a blend of 'living' in each location, taking gigabytes upon gigabytes of images, and meticulously planning what areas are going to be the most fun to drive at extreme speeds.

MMORPG.com: We saw a few of the licensed cars in the trailer. Can you tell us how many total you’re aiming to have, and maybe list a few?

Andy Tudor: When we talk about cars we generally talk either in terms of car 'types' or 'shape' - ie.. supercars or classic cars or muscle cars, or in terms of particular manufacturers like Lamborghini or BMW etc.. So that's how we've approached the car list for World Of Speed - by ensuring there's a variety to offer that reflects how we naturally discuss car culture. (Details on the categories will come soon!)

MMORPG.com: What level of customization will there be on each?

Andy Tudor: Just you wait for E3! :)

MMORPG.com: World of Speed is an MMO, but I’m sure people are curious how traditional things like grouping, guilds, and all that come into play. Can you shed a little light on those subjects?

Andy Tudor: World Of Speed has been built from the ground up to feel very familiar to MMO players, which is what makes it unique compared to other titles that may have attempted similar ideas. Upon logging in, players will be able to jump into a race (or 'raid') within one click and invite any fellow online club members to join as well. Before the event begins you'll want to bring your best 'weapons' and skills in the form of the vehicles you're driving as well as the kit that's installed on them. As the event loads you'll be able to strategize with players on your team about the 'side quest' objectives that are to be completed in each race. Once you're off the starting grid, you'll want to climb positions in the pack, complete those objectives, prevent the opposing team from completing theirs, and build your score in order to collaboratively win the event for your team, earn XP to level up, and get loot in the form of Cash and Boosts. This should all sound very natural to MMO players, and when you add in the club management, recruiting, leaderboards, and special in-game events World Of Speed is going to be a natural fit for players of all experience levels.

MMORPG.com: How will players progress in terms of leveling? Will there be special skills?

Andy Tudor: Players level up by earning XP. XP is earned by successful team co-operation in events such as personal finishing position, team finishing position, team objectives completed etc.. As you level up you’ll be able to unlock new items and features - stay tuned for more information on this at a later date .

MMORPG.com: What about missions? How will those play out?

Andy Tudor: 'Missions' can be found in the so called "Calendar" (working title) which presents a number of different events and scenarios to play through with unique rewards. The events will constantly be changing so there'll be something new for players every day. (More details to follow)

MMORPG.com: Is there a storyline in World of Speed?

Andy Tudor: While there isn’t a specific storyline, we fully expect the adversarial nature of clubs fighting against other clubs for territory to naturally spark some lore around the competitive nature of these events. We'd love to hear from you and take this further!


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