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Grinding Gear & the CBT Launch of The Fall of Oriath

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Last week marked a huge moment for Path of Exile with the launch of the closed beta for The Fall of Oriath expansion. We had a chance to snag a few team members for a chat about launching the CBT. See what they had to say!

MMORPG: So it has been a huge week for you all at GGG. How did the beta launch go in its first hours?

GGG: The Beta launch went pretty smoothly. We had some minor issues to deal with, but nothing major cropped up. For the first few hours our main focus was making sure people had access to their Beta keys and were able to log in and start testing the new content.

MMORPG: In your opinion, what has the reaction been like from players? From preview journalists?

GGG: We've had an overwhelmingly positive response from the community and journalists alike. We're really pleased that players are getting stuck into the new content and sharing new information and their thoughts. Journalists have written very favourable pieces about how the new content improves the game. It looks like the decision to remove two difficulty level was the correct one!

MMORPG: What have been the most rewarding moments you've had now that beta has launched?

GGG: For Chris, the most rewarding moment was probably when he finally went to sleep after being awake for 40 hours. Beyond that, the most rewarding part has been watching players discover and explore new changes that have been made - especially those that were previously not mentioned, for example, the task bar icon now flashes when your window is minimised and you receive a message from another player. We didn't publish any patch notes for the Beta, so these changes are found organically.

MMORPG: Have there been any surprises in the way players are consuming content?

GGG: At some point this week we'll be having a more in-depth look at how players are progressing through the new content, what's changed from before and what's remained the same. We'll use this information to consider any possible improvements that need to be made to the Beta before the content is released.

MMORPG: What have been the biggest challenges the team has faced since the launch of beta?

GGG: So far there haven't been any significant challenges since the Beta launch. Our team is now very experienced in launching new content and making adjustments in the days following a launch.

MMORPG: What adjustments will need to be made in the coming days / weeks prior to launch?

GGG: We have a patch coming later this week that will add new content to the Beta and possibly include a few changes to the current content. We'll be monitoring players' experiences and feedback to determine what, if any, changes are needed. However, we can share the the patch later this week will include eleven new support gems!

MMORPG: Are you planning any additional or surprise events besides the ones you've mentioned?

GGG: The community has been very engaged in the events that we've announced so far. The one-week Legacy Event began over the weekend and we're happy with how many people are participating in both the events and the Beta. We don't currently have any additional events planned, but this could always change.

MMORPG: How did the team handle the stress of the initial hours?

GGG: Our team has a lot of experience in launching content and the many individuals who come together to make sure the launch goes smoothly are very accustomed to working together and making sure their responsibilities slot in seamlessly with the people around them. Everyone is always on high alert but the team works together well.

MMORPG: Any other beta thoughts you'd like to share?

GGG: Look out for the introduction of an early version of Act Eight in a couple of weeks!


With the launch of the closed beta for PoE, the team was busy making sure players had all the information they might need for their time in CBT. Here's more from official channels about all things Oriath:

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Have you been playing in The Fall of Oriath closed beta? What are your thoughts so far? Let us know!


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