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Gen Con Overview: WAR

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Gen Con Overview: WAR

While attending Gen Con Indy, Community Manager Richard Cox had the opportunity to sit down with Robert Mull, Community Relations Director for Mythic Entertainment. Their topic of conversation related to the importance of community to Warhammer Online and all MMOs.

So here it is, I sat down and interviewed the Community Relations Director for Mythic Entertainment, Robert Mull, and the world didn’t end. It actually went very smoothly and the video of it should come out very nice, it’s definitely our longest interview of the show so far. Obviously we want you to watch the video so I’ll just touch on some highlights here to whet your appetite while you wait for the video to be posted.

First off we talked about the community, how and why it is important to the game and to Mythic as a company. In the process of that we touched on future plans for community/fan gatherings along the lines of the Dark Age of Camelot Roundtables and Road Trips. And we also touched on post launch plans for participation in more generic conventions such as GenCon and Comic Con.

After that we touched on the Herald a good bit. Robert talked about how they used what worked well with the DAoC Herald and how they’ve improved on it from there. We discuss some of the community building aspects of a site like the Herald and new features they plan to add which weren’t part of the Dark Age of Camelot Herald, such as Guild and Player interviews. While on the topic of the Herald I brought up a subject that has been a hot point with the community for ages now, the lack of official forums for the game.

We talked about the Guild Beta for a while, since I still consider it to be my baby and all. It seems to be going very well, lots of great feedback coming in from the various guilds in the beta; mostly little things and slight tweaks to the guild system that they’re working hard to make happen. Another 50,000 people were just added to the beta this week and currently they have as many beta servers as Dark Age of Camelot had at its peak. As Paul has pointed out, the game is pretty much done and currently their focus is on polish and getting as many people in to hammer on the servers as possible.

And that’s all the info I’m giving you now. There were several other topics covered like Robert’s recent trip to Ireland to visit with GOA and Mythic’s relationship with them. For more details you can check out the full video.


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