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Games of Glory: An Ambitious Project with a Focus on Community

Michael Bitton Posted:
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MMORPG.com: The MOBA genre is becoming an increasingly crowded space.  What were your design goals for Games of Glory when you originally came up with the game?

Anders Larsson: We love many of the core experiences in MOBAs, the battle, the teamwork, the possibility to play episodically and the many different skill components to perfect as a gamer. However we also felt that there were real gaps: No room for storytelling, often toxic communities, and while we love E-sport we also thought that it was for a small elite, for most players it was just not accessible. In addition there were too many direct copies, the same setting, the same map, even in many cases the same champions with different names. For us it was clear: We had no interest in making a DOTA 15!

The question then became: how can we stay true to, and enhance the fundamental MOBA experience, and at the same time deal with the gaps? From this one question stem our goals: 1) Create a new type of core game-play, without alienating existing MOBA players 2) Create a rich universe where the player’s actions have a direct influence on the game world 3) Democratize E-sport, and make it accessible for everyone, and 4) Develop our game together with a community of (future) players.

MMORPG.com: Along the same lines, what do you feel Games of Glory does to set itself apart from other games in the genre?

Anders Larsson: Games of Glory is what we call a MOBA-crossover, a game inspired by existing MOBAs, but with strong influences from many other genres. The controls borrow from hack & slash, the tempo and the free aiming from shooters, the persistent universe and club concepts from MMOs. The camera, the team-play, the focus on the individual clones with unique abilities (champions in other games) remain MOBA, but most of the rest is quite different: The tempo is faster, there are no auto-attacks, each champion has access to many weapons and can switch between them, even in the heat of battle. The setting is a fresh science fiction setting, with a truly persistent universe where you as a player make a difference, and there are clubs and organizations formed by players.

Additionally, for those who join the discussion on our forums now, there is a unique opportunity to participate in the development of an ambitious project with a strong focus on the community.

MMORPG.com: What are your plans (if any) for Games of Glory as an esport?

Anders Larsson: Games of Glory embodies E-sport, it is part of the game’s DNA. The setting is the gladiator games (and the main sport) of the Synarchy, the galactic empire. Players can belong to, even create, clubs, and can take different roles in the sport, from star player to club president. We also aim  to develop the elite E-sport aspect as our community grows.

Will there be any out of game progression? Similar to runes and masteries in League of Legends. Or will all progression take place in game?

We think it is exciting to develop your character’s strength over time as you level up. There will be a game progression outside of matches, but not only based on matches played, also based on stories and quests. There will even be progression based on social behavior. Only some of this progression impacts the game-play with bonuses, others impact the player’s influence on the game world, and yet others influence social interactions.

MMORPG.com: How does the game's business model work?

Anders Larsson: The game is free-to-play with a premium option. The premium option gives the buyer access to ALL game-play modifying bonuses at each level (except those that need to be unlocked through quests), including all existing and future champions. However most personalization features remain available through micro transactions. For those who prefer a typical free-to-play model, that is also available, with no requirement to ever pay for the game.

MMORPG.com: When can players expect to get their hands on the game? Do you have a release date or beta date start?

Anders Larsson: We are moving into a quite restricted early Alpha stage within a month, with a closed Beta as a goal for the end of the summer. There is no firm Open beta date set, it will depend on when we and the community think the game is ready for it.


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