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Game Announced & David Perry Interview

Dana Massey Posted:
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MMORPG.com Exclusive: 2Moons Announcement & David Perry Interview

Editor's Note: The following is gleaned from our 20 minute exclusive audio interview with David Perry. You can check that out here.

Acclaim has teamed up with legendary designer David Perry to build a brand new and entirely free MMORPG.

“The game is going to probably be the most violent MMO on the market,” explained Perry – the founder of Shiny Entertainment - whose resume includes Earthworm Jim and Enter the Matrix.

2Moons is a fantasy MMORPG that relies on advertising to make money. All advertising will be in the UI – not the world – and most surprising is that it will also be entirely optional for the player.

“It will be like on television, you get to see a pay-per-view Mike Tyson fight that would normally cost you forty bucks,” explained Perry, “but you turn on a single image in the bottom right hand corner you get to watch it for free.”

The model allows gamers to completely turn off all advertising at no cost to them. The only incentive is experience and gameplay bonuses to gamers who choose to allow the advertising in the UI.

“Can we make a game that would… introduce new people to MMOs so that they can have fun,” Perry told MMORPG.com in our exclusive audio interview, “but that would also entertain and provide something new to people who are really hardcore.”

2Moons is not for kids and Perry was very upfront to state that the game will carry an M rating.

“Violence in games is just an issue if you’re not being honest about the violence in your games,” added Perry. “I’m doing my best to make this a violent game.”

Acclaim’s decision to publish 2Moons brings them in line with other MMORPG companies developing adult-oriented games. Funcom’s Age of Conan and Webzen’s All Points Bulletin should compete with 2Moons for the same type of audience.

While Perry’s resume is extremely well established outside the MMO-space, he is a rookie again. This outsider perspective gives him a firm desire to break some of the established conventions of MMORPGs and translate his experience on consoles and single-player games to improving his MMORPG product.

“One of the things that is going to be on the list is frustration tracking, which is something the console world does a lot,” he noted.

The game is a cooperative venture between Acclaim’s California studio and Korean developers. Despite this, Perry was emphatic that 2Moons is being developed with a western audience firmly in mind. Perry also hinted that he would be doing more games, of diverse themes for Acclaim.

Perry hopes to see 2Moons on the market within six months of today’s announcement.

You can learn a lot more about 2Moons in our exclusive Game/On Interview.

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