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Free Agents Part 2

Robert Lashley Posted:
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Greetings from the Sonoran Desert!  Welcome to Free Agents: The Global Agenda live stream show.  This is the episode 2 recap. This month I was joined by Hi-Rez Mug and Hi-Rez Duke.  Gabe (Mug) is the PR specialist for Hi-Rez Studios and Duke is the Community Manager for Global Agenda and Smite.  If these two were cops Gabe is the Rookie and Duke is the grumpy Sergeant.  We were more akin to the three Stooges though with Duke playing the part of Moe, Gabe was Larry, and I guess that would make me Curly (Editor: Insert bald joke here).

Our sole mission this episode was to hunt for Think Tank.  Think Tank is a final boss that can possibly spawn in two of the four player instances that can be found in Global Agenda.  Think Tank is a woman and Gabe has never been able to defeat her, and he works for the developer.  Apparently Gabe got a little to close to her at the company holiday party and she put out a restraining order on him.  We finally  managed to find Think Tank this episode, right after Duke went to bed.  Needless to say Gabe is still an amazing zero for two against her.  Gabe was happier than a kid on Halloween when we found her though and you can see his reaction at 1:22:55 into the video.  You can also watch the ensuing beat down she puts on us.

I would like to point out that while people think that Global Agenda is a shooter you also have melee weapons.  Never bring a knife to a gun fight, but you can bring an axe!  In all seriousness (which there was very little of this episode) these events are a lot of fun and very interactive with the community.  We managed to rotate out about 10 different players from the stream to run instances with us: Xall, Acxfusion, RisTanA, Taco, and Nutstabber (yes, Nutstabber) to name a few.  There were also a few nuggets of info dropped during the stream worth pointing out.  Duke said that he could neither confirm nor deny that Hi-Rez was currently working on two unannounced games.  This launched a rumor that Global Agenda 2 was announced during the stream.  Global Agenda 2 has not been announced, but, we can hope one day soon it might.  Leave your feedback in the comment section below on what you think Hi-Rez could be working on.  

Keep an eye out for episode three coming in the second half of August.  I'm hoping we can take part in a Dome Defense raid.  If you would like to personally join in the fun I'll give each of you a free copy of Global Agenda. Okay, or you can download GA for free on Hi-Rez's website or you can also download it for free on Steam. 

In other news due to my co-host forgetting his father's birthday we did not have an episode of Wayback Wednesday last week.  We were supposed to cover Final Fantasy XI.  Have no fear, it wasn't cancelled, we just pushed it back a week.  Make sure to tune in tonight at 9:30 EDT on MMORPG.com's Stream for news on the upcoming FFXI expansion and the re-launch (rebirth?) of FFXIV.  When I'm not streaming you can always harass me on Twitter or on Facebook.  As always, thanks for watching! If it wasn't for you I'd have no gas money and would have to walk to work.  That would suck.  Silly hydrogen powered cars need to hurry up and get here already.  Or better yet the jump packs from Global Agenda.


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