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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.18 Coming July 5th, Along With Europe and Japanese Data Center Expansions

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Promised expansions for Final Fantasy XIV data centers are coming to both the Japanese and European regions. New servers will be rolled out with Patch 6.18 on July 5th, which also brings the Data Center Travel system to the game.

It has taken some time for capacity to be increased for Final Fantasy XIV,  but we finally have the dates for two new data centers in Europe and one new data center added in Japan. The first phase of the European data center expansion will start with Patch 6.18 on Tuesday July 5th, One of the new centers will be called Chaos and the other will be Light. Two new worlds will be added for each data center, for a total of four new servers. Japan will get one new data center called Meteor, and some existing Japanese servers will be moved to this new center to spread out demand.

With the opening of new servers, Square Enix will also offer bonuses for those who wish to transfer their characters to the new servers. Once they verify that the updates have been  successfully completed, and the data centers are up and running as expected, they will reopen  The transfer process for existing characters to go to new servers. There will also be bonuses for players who start on those new servers.

New data centers will arrive with the new Data Center Travel feature. The team has been talking about it for a while but this patch will allow players to visit another data center to socialize with players on worlds within and participate in matchmaking. You'll be able to chat, add players to your friend list, form parties, take on quests together, and other content like dungeons and raids. This is an extension of the world visit system so that now you are not even limited by data center.

For more on the data center expansions and updates, head to Final Fantasy XIV.


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