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Fellow: Eternal Clash Aims to Bring the Full MMO Experience to Mobile

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Fellow: Eternal Clash is a new mobile MMO making its way to the West. Developers aim to bring the type of MMO experience PC players expect to mobile devices. We had the chance to sit down with Sean Choi of GoBoogie Games to learn how this will happen.

MMORPG: Fellow: Eternal Clash is entering a very crowded mobile market. How do you plan to make it stand out from other games?

Sean Choi: Many mobile MMOs aren’t fully featured, but Fellow: Eternal Clash could be right at home on the PC too. A large variety of mounts, wings to fly with, and a special Guardian system which we’ll talk more about soon all add to the many different ways you can play Fellow. We also allow players to fight on the land, in the sky, and in the sea, which few games do. Furthermore, after launch, we’ll also introduce our Faction War system, which we’ll detail soon.

MMORPG: Fellow is described as a fully featured MMO. What are the main features of the game?

Sean Choi: Not only are all the things mentioned above present, but we also have Guilds, raids, many dungeons, and tons of quests, as well as a unique item upgrade system.

MMORPG: How would you compare a mobile MMO to someone who's mostly played PC online MMOs? 

Sean Choi: They’re very comparable. The only real difference is the device you’re playing on. A lot of the content in Fellow can be played in a few minutes, but it can also be played over long periods of time. 

MMORPG: How do you plan to entice PC players to mobile devices?

Sean Choi: I don’t think this is something we’re truly worried about. We feel that MMO gamers, whether they play on PC, console, or mobile, will find us and enjoy us. We’re not asking gamers to replace their main MMO on PC with Fellow. But rather, when they’re unable to play at the PC, they can pick Fellow: Eternal Clash up and enjoy it.

MMORPG: Thinking of other mobile MMOs, how does Fellow both resemble and differ from them?

Sean Choi: I think we covered it a good deal above, but really we just feel that Fellow: Eternal Clash is a true MMORPG, with all that it entails. If you’re looking for a deeper experience on iOS and or Android, we’re for you.

MMORPG: You're nearing beta. What types of things will testers be able to try out? Is there any particular things your development team is on the lookout for?

Sean Choi: We’re hosting our Beta Test as a way to get feedback on the game’s performance, test server loads, and see what players think of our in-game store and its prices. We’re a F2P game, and we know that it’s important we don’t present any Pay To Win options, but that it’s also important that our monetization provides things player actually want to buy without being unfair. The test will last about a week, and after that we’ll be

MMORPG: You've opened up preregistrations for Fellow. What does that mean for those who do?

Sean Choi: Almost everyone who signs up now will get into our Closed Beta Test (progress will be wiped before launch), and more importantly everyone gets free items and in-game currency for the launch of the game. There’s really no reason not to sign up if you’re at all interested.

MMORPG: Will you release Fellow for both iOS and Android devices? Will it roll out simultaneously around the world or will it soft launch first, then release regionally over time?

Sean Choi: Yes, we’ll be on both iOS and Android. Android will roll out first, with the iOS version following very shortly after.

MMORPG: Please add anything else you’d like our readers to know.

Sean Choi: We just hope you enjoy the game as much as we do! We’re huge MMORPG fans and know there’s definitely a market for a game in the genre that doesn’t feel cheap or like a cash grab. That’s Fellow: Eternal Clash.

MMORPG: Thank you for your time!


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