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Exclusive Interview, Part Two

Darin Sorrentino Posted:
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In Part Two Barry Talks PvP, Guilds, Housing and More!

Barry Hoffman is the head man on the recently announced MMORPG out of Europe "The Chronicles of Spellborn". This exciting project recently caught our attention, as we released the first part of this interview last week. Now part two:

MMORPG.com: Could you explain the relationships between the Guild System and the five Houses of Spellborn? Also, will the guild system be a player organized guild system or a pre-existing guild system in the game that players can join?
Barry Hoffman:

Some games have two camps, in our world five Houses coexist in a world that is trying to survive with the resources the known shards provide. Presentday the known “civilization” is called the Enclave of the Five Sacrifices. Players will be part of one of the five Houses. For more explanation on each of the five Houses we invite you to read one of our interactive Spellborn Scrolls called First Journey (http://www.thechroniclesofspellborn.com/scrolls/?id=6 ).

Within each of these Houses players can be individuals or part of guilds. These guilds will be player organized guilds.

Achievements within the game can be made on individual level(statues, leveling), guild level (shop ownership, guild trophies) and house level(conquer new shards, solve part of the mystery).

MMORPG.com: A great deal of focus seems to be in allowing the players to create dynamically unique looks from character creation to help define the characters personality in the game. With the character growth being derived from Ancestral Quests given by the Oracle, how will you cater to both "good" and "evil" personalities alike? Will quests have a single "correct" ending or will the outcome be dictated by the choices the players make along the way?
Barry Hoffman:

When players want to look evil, they look evil. When players want to look good, they look good. Looks are not linked to classes or achievements but are more or less determined by the design of the player. When talking about questing we are testing both “correct-ending” and “choice” systems.

MMORPG.com: Again, with character appearance being a key concept in The Chronicles of Spellborn, many of the screenshots show burly muscular characters. Will it be possible to make overweight or even ugly characters as well?
Barry Hoffman:

Yes, you can have an overweight body types. Ugly is relative but things like scarring are definitely part of the deal.

MMORPG.com: Can you reveal any more details into the PvP within The Chronicles of Spellborn, such as will it be open (like AC Darktide), switched (Like AC's other servers), group vs. group (along the lines of DAoC), etc?
Barry Hoffman:

We will have PvP, with rules to counter griefers and such, outside of Quarterstone. During conquering it can and will evolve into House vs. House battles as resources can easily tip the balance of economic rulership. In the arena we will have more controlled PvP as individuals and guild fight for glory and resources (statues, shops).

MMORPG.com: Will players be able to own houses in The Chronicles of Spellborn? If so, can houses be used for storage (i.e. Ultima Online) or will they be mainly for Role Play Purposes (i.e. Everquest 2)?
Barry Hoffman:

Currently we are deciding on hierarchy setup, ownership and virtual economy based subjects. Until we have decided we cannot tell you more about it. We will inform MMORPG.com as soon as a decision is made.

MMORPG.com: Are there any "Developer Chat's" planned where the community can partake and ask questions directly to the developers?
Barry Hoffman:

Our developers pay attention to our forum, several other fora and also to an unofficial IRC chat from one of our forum members. No specific devchats are planned. We will have specially planned devchats in future though.

Many thanks to Barry for taking part!

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Darin Sorrentino