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MMORPG.com:  What sets Spirit Tales apart from other games?

Elliott C.:  For starters, Spirit Tales has a massive pet system unlike other MMORPGs – it's a robust system where nearly every in-game monster is capable of being captured, trained, and evolved. This pet system is not only limited to world monsters, but also dungeon bosses and rare event monsters! We also offer a unique camera perspective that makes the world feel like a never ending globe as you explore the lush and vibrant Spirit Tales landscape.              

What really sets Spirit Tales apart from other games however is our incredibly unique 1v5 player-versus-player (PvP) Arena feature where a player can actually transform into a dungeon boss and take on up to 5 challengers at a time. For a group of friends, or just about anyone that joins our Spirit Tales community, this is a definite feature that you are certain to enjoy, and definitely do not want to miss! We also have more than 40 million customization and fashion options for players to really define themselves and their style!

MMORPG.com:  The game is nearing its launch; can you tell us how development has been going?

Elliott C.:  Development has been coming along nicely. On the in-game side of things, there will be many new zones and instanced dungeons planned for open beta. On the PvP side, there are game elements in the works that will allow players to go head-to-head in tournaments that will span multiple level brackets, making the duels more skill-oriented and less about character level. Apart from this, the focus of our development has been on adding new pets to the world of Spirit Tales, and new costumes and fashions to bump up the 40 million plus that we already have.

MMORPG.com:  Tell us about some of your play modes, the monster takeover sounds very cool.

Elliott C.:  We have tough Instanced Dungeons for 2 to 10 players that open up when you reach level 20. Players interested in beginning their quests into these difficult dungeons should definitely look to make some friends (they're going to need it). Apart from this, we have player-versus-environment (PvE) Arenas where players can take on waves of monsters in a coliseum-like setting, 5v5 PvP Arenas for players and teams that are seeking the glory, and PvP Tournaments that span different level brackets where players can earn special prizes. Last, but definitely not least, we have the soon-to-be-famous 1v5 PvP Arena where a player can transform into a dungeon boss to take on up to 5 players in a brilliant display of Spirit Tales uniqueness.

MMORPG.com:  What types of classes are in the game for players to choose?

Elliott C.:  Spirit Tales puts a huge emphasis on the individual, apart from their specific classes. However, as of right now, players will have six main character classes to choose from, and over 40 million different character customization and fashion options that coincide with this. The six main classes are: Fighter, Shaman, Warrior, Archer, Assassin, and Sorcerer. However, as players progress through the game and level up, there will come a time for a second class change, which allows the player to specialize their character even more, apart from the skill distribution they chose to go with from the start. For instance, the Assassin class can become either a deadly Ninja or a silent Stalker, bringing ever increasing dynamics to the gameplay.

MMORPG.com:  Can players pick up pets? How do they interact with them?

Elliott C.:  Yes, players can pick up pets, and as previously stated, Spirit Tales has a massive pet system where nearly every in-game monster is capable of being captured, trained, and evolved. The interaction between player and pet is two-fold in effect, but much more in-depth than this.

Players can have multiple pets; one pet can be used in a way that boosts your characters stats, while another fights right alongside you. The first effect comes from “merging” with your pet, which boosts stats and abilities, while the other comes from the “fight” option which summons the pet into battle. Outside of these two interactions, players can train their pets, evolve them (which is actually something different than leveling them up), and refine them into an even stronger version. Also, as previously stated, the pet system is not only limited to world monsters, but also dungeon bosses, rare event monsters, and more.

MMORPG.com:  You have tons of character outfits in the game, how can a player get access to them all?

Elliott C.:  We actually have several costumes that can be dropped by monsters, as well as costumes only available in special in-game quests and events. Most of these costumes become available after using Spirit Form, which allows players to unlock costumes and rare items.

We also have many costumes available in the item mall which will really help with character customization. Although these costumes are from the item mall, none of them will be bound, enabling players to trade their outfits or purchase them from other players with in-game currency.

MMORPG.com:  What are your plans for post launch of the game?

Elliott C.:  Although I can't give away too much detail right now, we're planning to have a very aggressive and rapid content release schedule. Our first update will be less than one month after our open beta launch. We also plan on taking the game in a direction that tailors to the American and European audiences, so a lot of content will be separate from other versions of the game already released in different regions of the world. In essence, we'll be taking Spirit Tales in a direction far more suitable to a global audience, and hope to capture the hearts of millions... or dare we say, billions!


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