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Empire/Remembrance Day Returns in Star Wars Galaxies: Legends

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Empire/Remembrance Day has returned to Star Wars Galaxies: Legends, and is set to run all month long.

The news was shared from the official Twitter account,

“Empire/Remembrance Day has finally returned! Join us for an entire month long celebration full of new rewards, live events, and much more! Follow the link below for a glimpse of what we have in store (so far!): swglegends.com/forums/showthr* #SWGLegends #StarWarsGalaxies

If you’re unfamiliar with Empire/Remembrance Day, you can catch up here and here. As for what’s returning, Darth Vader and Princess Leia are back in addition to the smattering of kiosks in Theed and Coronet. You can hang up recruitment posters for your faction, or tear down the enemy faction’s posters.

New this year in terms of rewards include new titles, new badges, new décor, new house signs, new structures, and new wearable. Specifically for the structures, two new structures are planned. One is the Imperial Guild Hall which comes with a terminal to show off one vehicle. Another is the Rebel Guild Hall which allows your to show off one starship.

Live events are set to return, including The Spynet Situation, Rebel Without a Cause, Reenactment Gone Awry, The Galactic Armistice, and A Message From the Emperor. You can check out additional details on the event here.


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