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Dwarf Starting Area Quest Guide

John Lisenby Posted:
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WAR: Dwarf Starting Area Quest Guide

MMORPG.com Correspondent John Lisenby writes this guide to quests in the Dwarf starting zone in Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

The Dwarf starting area is exactly what you would expect. A huge complex deep within a mountain called Mordin's Anvil. A place where the Dwarf race feel at home the most. Though it is not completely safe. It is being attacked by the green skins and the Dwarves seem to be holding on to part of the once huge underground city. Here you will start your quests and begin your adventures as part of the proud Dwarf race. I have not included any storyline with the quests as there just isn't enough room in one article. But you will find the quest, co-ordinates, and notes on each one. Also I have included any extra material I ran across while doing these quests. But the main focus of the article is the quests themselves.

Tharik Redaxe 23245,41677

Name: Oathbearers

Description: Head up the stairs and through the tunnel to Goldbrow's Lament. Kill the Ravenous Squigs found there. Return to Tharik Redaxe at Mordrin's Anvil when complete.

Item: Ravenous squigs 0 of 4 17203,45670 Lv 1

XP: 321

Money: 52 brass

Choice of: Initiate's Warming Draught or Class boot armor  

Name: Filth in the Rough

Description: Go behind the forge in Mordin's Anvil, Search the area for crates of Cannonballs and retrieve some. Return to Tharik Redaxe nearby on the lower level of Mordin's Anvil when Finished.

Item: Crate of Cannonballs 0 of 4 21709,41472

XP: 291

Note: Sometimes when you open a crate it will spawn a Level 1 Frenzied Squig.  

Name: Flatten Em!

Description: Step up to one of the cannons at Mordrin's Anvil and fire into the greenskin-occupied side of the city. Return to Tharik Redaxe nearby when complete.

Item: Greenskins Blown Away 0 of 15

XP: 313

Note: The cannons are located at 23552,42803 near Tharik. Right click on a cannon, a small three button menu will appear, click on the center button that looks like a target sight. If you fire into the center of a group of greenskins you will usually kill more than one per shot.  

Name: Thirsty Work

Description: Go up the stairs, pass behind the forge, and enter the Pick & Goggles pub in Mordrin's Anvil. Speak with Brewmaster Eisenbjorn when you get there.

Item: Speak with Brewmaster Eisenbjorn 22118,38502

XP: 253

Money: 52 brass  

Tome Unlock: Pick & Giggles - You get this tome unlock once you enter the pub.  

Brewmaster Eisenbjorn 22118,38502

Name: Thirsty Work

Description: Leaving the pub, go down the stairs and then to the right. Enter the Barren Reach. Seek out three wounded Dwarfs, and administer the Frothy Ale to them. Speak to Brani Gridsson in the Barron Reach when finished.

Item: Wounded Kinsmen 0 of 3 15872,37171

XP: 511

Choice of: Class belt or Initiate's Draught of Allaying

Note: Just right click on a wounded dwarf. You will have to kill level 1 gobblins to get at them. Brani Gridsson is located at 18432,39014.  

Name: Firebrew

Description: Search the mine carts in Goldbrow's Lament for a piece of Bitterstone. Bring it back to the Brewmaster in the Pick & Goggles pub.

Item: Bitterstone 0 of 1 17613,45466

XP: 724

Note: The bitterstone is in ore piles scattered though the area, just right click on a pile to get one.  

Name: Firebrew

Description: Take the firebrew and give it to the wizard Gunnar Klaurse

Item: Grive firebrew to Gunnar

XP: 223

Choice of: Shadow Grey dye or Graveyard Earth dye    

Brani Gridsson 18432,39014

Name: Dirty Green Beasties

Description: Search the Barren Reach for the Ironclaw Squig herder and kill him. When finished, exit to the east and search Ancestor's Watch for the Slayer, Bor Axehand. Speak to him when you find him.

Item: Ironclaw Squig herder 0 of 1 15872,37171

XP: 913

Note: You can pull one out to kill easily. The Squig Herder will have a Squig with him. Squig herder is level 3 and the squig is level 2.    

Agmar Stonemane 19558,43213

Name: Fire in the Hole!

Description: From Goldbrow's Lament, battle past the squigs and enter one of the mineshafts of Stonemanes Junction. Use a Plunger Box to blow one of the mineshafts shut. Return to Agmar Stonemane in Goldbrow's Lament when finished.

Item: Mineshaft Collapsed 0 of 1 15462,45158

XP: 583

Money: 52 brass

Choice of: Initiate's Fleeting Potion of Clout or Initiate's Fleeting Elixir of Allaying

Note: Enter any one of the tunnels and then go down one of the small tunnels in the mineshaft. At the end of the tunnel you will find a Plunger Box. Just right click on it to collapse the tunnel.  

Ainin Goldbrow 20070,45363

Name: Hoarding Gold

Description: Travel across Goldbrow's Lament into Stonemane's Junction and locate two sacks of Gold Ore. Bring the gold ore back to Ainin Goldbrow in Goldbrow's Lament.

Item: Sacks of Gold 0 of 2 15565,43827

XP: 610

Money: 52 brass

Reward: Emergency Gold (grey item)

Note: You will find the sacks at random places inside the mineshafts. They do spawn in the tunnels off the main shaft.    

Merchant Algrimir Boldstone 19251,46592 Kill Collector Grimilda Mughammer 19251,46592 Collects squig kills at 82xp each.


Snorri Oathbrew 22528,41882

Name: Bitter Memories

Description: Find Timili Sorinsson's book lying on a bench nearby. Read the book to receive a tome entry detailing the contents of one of it's passages. Return to Snorri Oathbrew after you are successful.

Item: "Grudges" Tome entry unlocked 0 of 1 20685,4167

XP: 632

Note: The book is closed and sitting on a bench.  

Name: Bitter memories

Description: Speak to Assitant Librarian Balnir to receive a reward for unlocking the Grudges tome entry.

Item: Speak to Assistant Librarian Balnir 22221,42701

XP: 632

Illidial Windweaver 21197,38502

Name: Digger's Duds

Description: Leaving the pub, travel down the stairs to the right, and enter the Barren Reach. Kill a Goblin Digger, and return his robes to Borgor Firenson who is located on the battlements near Helga, the huge Dwarf cannon.

Item: Digger's Duds 0 of 1 15667,37069

XP: 992    

Gunnar Klaurse 22938,39219

Name: Firebrew

Description: Speak with Brewmaster Eisenbjorn and see if he can help the wizard regain his power.

Item: Speak with Brewmaster Eisenbjorn 22118,38502

XP: 223    

Tome Unlock: "Oathbearers" 20992,40448 Right click on the Oathbearer Gunner for the unlock.

Tome Unlock: "Helga" 24678,38605 You get this one when you walk up to the dwarf cannon Helga    

Borgor Firenson 25498,37888

Name: Diggers Duds

Description: Return to Illidial Windweaver in the Pick & Goggles pub. Tell him what Borgor Firenson said.

Item: Speak with Illidial Windweaver.

XP: 263

Choice of: Empire Sun Emblem (Trophy) or Class shoulder trophy

Name: Bitterstone Legacy

Description: Move through Mordrin's Anvil and the Barren Reach to find Ancestors' Watch. Kill the green skins defacing the statues there. Read the statues plaques to hear of Dwarf history. Find Melni Stoneshield across the Skybridge northeast of the statues when done.

Item: Ironclaw Bashers 0 of 5 23450,36966 Plaque of King Bel-Shanaar 0 of 1 27238,42086 Plaque of King Gotrek Star breaker 0 of 1 28365,43008 Plaque of King Kurgan Ironbeard 0 of 1 29286,44032

XP: 913

Choice of: Class weapon or Initiate's Fleeting Corporeal Screening Potion    

Tethren Stormbreaker 25498,37888


Name: Big Problem

Description: Travel through Mordrin's Anvil and the Barren Reach to find Ancestor's Watch. Slay the Ironclaw Big'uns attacking the Watch. When done speak with Berruna Grimstone, who waits on the bridge at the end of Ancestor's Watch.

Item: Ironclaw Big'uns 0 of 4 23450,36966

XP: 913

Choice of: Initiate's Potion of Clout or Class chest armor

Note: Berruna Grimstone 31130,42803  

Rogrum Grimstone 24371,38912

Name: Helga's Roar

Description: Go to the forge in Mordrin's Anvil. Create a cannonball for the Helga Cannon. To do so, collect coal from the bin near the cannons, deposit the coal into the forge hatch, then turn the Wheel Valve to pour the Molten Metal into the mold. Return to Rogrum Grimstone when complete.

Item: Coal 0 of 1 22528,42906 Shovel coal into the forge 0 of 1 22118,41267 Turn the control wheel 0 of 1 22016,41370

XP: 491

Money: 52 brass

Note: Has to be done in order, get the coal, then put it into the forge, then turn the wheel. Coal is over near the cannons where you first spawn into the game.    

Bor Axehand 22938,34816

Name: Fight On

Description: Kill five Ironclaw Goblins in Ancestors' Watch. Cross the Bitterstone Span at the south end of Ancestors' Watch, and speak with Melni Stoneshield at Frost Peak.

Item: Ironclaw Goblins 0 of 5 23450,36966

XP: 913

Choice of: Initiate's Screening Potion or Class hand armor

Berrona Grimstone 31130,42803

Name: Barrel Tossin' n

Description: Find a barrel of powder at the edge of the Bitterstone Span Bridge. Push the barrel over the edge and watch the sparks fly.

Item: Barrel Pushed 0 of 3

XP: 774

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